Freshers Jobs in IT Sector after Covid-19

Freshers Jobs in IT Sector after Covid-19

Are you really confused regarding your career post-covid-19? Want to develop good skills but don’t know anything about IT sector, here is an overview for you-

Everyone is aware that the worldwide pandemic because of covid-19 has modified the whole state of affairs of the roles and companies throughout the world. We’ve visible numerous undesirable drawbacks and eventualities like layoffs, loss of job openings, salary-cut, etc. around us.

Over the years, we’ve visible that India has significantly been moving to the Information Technology Age. With the digitization of the nation, IT zone have received numerous reputations and feature grows to be the maximum important part of everyone’s life. With the appearance of those technologies, the call for this zone has additionally been increased.

Information generation now has a stronghold in all of the sectors of India together with Education, Manufacturing, Mass Media, Finance, Communication, Marketing, Entertainment, Environment, etc. Progress in any area without the help of IT is sort of not possible because the dependence on IT publications to speak products and services had been increasing.

As an end result of this, India has visible an upsurge withinside the IT region and diverse organizations have mushroomed, generating several jobs in this area and is one of the maximum paying sectors. Subsequent to this, the call for professional IT specialists has been growing in the marketplace as IT maintains to develop and those are extra into the usage of new technology and developments getting into the sector.

During the pandemic, the importance of digitization has assumed utmost significance and will convey in a name for expert IT professionals. About 95% consistent of agencies are each installing cloud infrastructure or upgrading it that has brought on a boom in a name for cloud talent. A large style growing withinside the IT sector is transitioning from a service hub to a know-how hub that specializes in R&D, which gadgets the decision for higher-order questioning skills, along with creating, evaluating, and analyzing.

In this blog, we are going to cover relevant information regarding the IT sector like- scope in the IT sector, demand of IT sector in India, a career path in the IT sector which will help and guide you to choose your career wisely and understand the importance of opportunities which are being provided by the companies all over the world post-covid-19. With all these, you will have a complete idea about why to choose a career in the IT sector and you will find that studying and getting a certificate in this sector is highly beneficial in the future.

Let’s get started:

Scope in IT Sector

With Information Technology on an eliciting curve in India, there are various openings now that IT has also been further categorized into various fields. Networking, multi-media, and the Internet/WWW are some of the job categories that have various job opportunities for students as well as working professionals who wish to foray into the IT industry. The only requirement is that technology is dynamic and keeps changing, therefore, candidates need to stay updated with the upcoming technologies.

It has best passed off withinside a previous couple of many years that a whole lot of the global has begun out to revolve around the era. Everything that is ‘in and trending’ is era-related, be it the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Cloud Computing.

IT additionally allows an expert to get process possibilities in lots of overseas corporations or pinnacle corporations in India. i.e. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro Technologies, Cognizant, Yahoo!, Google, Tech Mahindra, Infosys Technologies, HP, Capgemini, iGATE Patni, Accenture, L&T, HCL Technologies, and Godrej InfoTech. We have masses of benefits of IT.

The reason for Information Technology publications is to equip freshers as well as operating specialists with theoretical information in addition to the talent units that meet the necessities of the IT companies. Whether it’s far the designing, improvement, or checking out of software programs, all of the matters are part of the IT publications. The applicants from a unique heritage should recognize the truth that this route consists of the center principles of database control systems, Java programming, records security, evaluation of the algorithm, laptop networking, ERP, E-commerce, cloud computing, software program engineering, and plenty of different matters associated with running systems.

The IT sector is one of these few sectors this is nonetheless imparting several profession possibilities to people and searching very plenty resilient in phrases of growing & producing employment possibilities in the future. And that’s possibly the motive that a majority of the people are asking ahead to breaking into the IT field. Let’s check the below-stated numbers for extra clarification:

  • The annual sales of the IT industry in India are anticipated to attain around $350 billion via way of means of the yr 2025.
  • More than 200 Indian IT corporations are already found in almost 80 international locations throughout the world.
  • Technologies like Cloud, AI, etc. are anticipated to be used by extra than 80% of worldwide corporations via way of means by the year of 2022.

Demand of IT Sector in India

As all of us are seeing the cutting-edge situation, covid-19 made it pressing for corporations to boost up their virtual projects and leverage new-age technology to live beforehand of the curve. With faraway running turning into the brand new norm, it has become vital for organizations to provide collaborative equipment for his or her personnel and self-provider channels for his or her customers

Therefore, the IT area stays one of the least-affected sectors throughout the globe because it has performed a chief position in virtual transformation amid the pandemic with agencies adopting era and hybrid operating models. “The Indian IT body of workers debts for 4.36 million employees, as of 2020.”

This states the developing call for fast software development, new technology and tendencies, and cloud-first technology throughout organizations across the globe. The fast adoption of virtual has created giant employment possibilities for candidates (fresher’s in addition to running professionals) looking for a promising destiny in the IT sector.

Companies are actively looking to accumulate applicants talented in contemporary and rising technologies. As the corporations go through a virtual transformation, in-call for IT roles in 2021, consist of positions centered on superior technologies, together with artificial intelligence, augmented and digital reality, and the Internet of Things

The current business environment has the highest demand for the following top five skills:

    • Block-chain
    • Cloud Computing
    • Analytical Reasoning
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Business Analysis

One of the most important blessings that the IT sector gives in India is the employment it is able to generate. Other benefits are export and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). New markets have spread out withinside the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and South and southeast Asia. India is now a prime vacation spot for IT outsourcing. There isn’t any dearth of IT task possibilities in India.

Career Path in IT Industry

As most important IT companies are evolving constantly in a dynamic marketplace to cope with the complicated needs of customers in a noticeably aggressive environment, there may be a developing requirement for an expertise pool that has the talents to supply value-introduced and precise solutions. Not handiest the enterprise gives several activity possibilities however additionally attempts to comply with numerous employment practices and IT area encourages human beings with one-of-a-kind ability sets, abilities, and qualifications to paintings together.

Jobs in IT quarter also are pushed via way of means of want to cater to special enterprise segments as well. Almost every enterprise (Banking, engineering, health, manufacturing, management consulting, mining, etc.) wishes human beings to manage, use, community, or create programs, thereby, developing a massive call for IT professionals.

Now the sector had grown to be not possible to transport without Information Technology. No doubt that IT fields are on their growth path. We’ll get properly paying tasks proper from the start. IT college students have quite a few scopes for his or her coming future. Since the technology and IT sectors are growing daily with the aid of using day, the want of employers also is growing in this specific sector.

Career paths in the IT enterprise may be extensively categorized into the 2 important fields of hardware and software programs. Under hardware, you’ve got manufacturing, preservation, studies and development, and management. Under software program, you’ve got manufacturing, development, programming, software program testing, and preservation and support.

fresher’s as well as working professionals may seek into the designation like software engineer, information systems manager, programmer, network systems and data analyst, systems analyst, database administrator, systems administrator, support specialist, computer and information scientist, networking, web designing, search engine optimization, computer programming, gaming, software testing, security, desktop support, technical writing, e-commerce, and software training and many more.

Freshers have furthermore involved approximately the outlook for his or her enterprise and their professional path. Information era employees had been capable of doing incredibly well. However, maximum of the corporations use statistics era extensively and IT specialists remain in fantastic demand, particularly people with suitable skills, expertise, and aptitude.

The data showed that over 50 percent jobs in the IT sector came from Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi in November.

In terms of salary, 50 percent of the highest-paying IT jobs are in Bengaluru and Pune with a salary of more than Rs 25 lakh per annum in 2020.

How to get a job in the IT industry in recent times or you can say, post covid-19 scenario?

    • Up-skilling
    • Job Hunting
    • Interview Preparation


As after all of the records referred to above, deciding on the profession accurately is a need to put up covid-19 with reference to fresher’s in addition to operating specialists due to the fact IT sector is anticipated to witness a surge in call for competencies main to a pointy increase in hiring this year. The industry is presented on the intersection of a few big worldwide strategic shifts, all of which bode properly for the enterprise and employment scenario. Experts say that hiring in the  IT industry is anticipated to develop via way of means of as a minimum 10 to 12 in keeping with cent in 2021 sponsored via way of means of an uptick in call for because of digitalization, expanded spending on cloud infrastructure, and attributable to upgrading the popularity of India from a carrier hub to an information hub. Digitization and automation have triggered an irreversible transformation in the manner organizations have tailored in the course of the put-up pandemic era.

So, now you recognize the scope, demand, and profession course as nicely of entering into IT domain/area. If you’ve got finalized you then definitely must begin a profession in this area of interest then there may be no factor in delaying your decision. Go for this area and begin running in the pinnacle groups of the world.

Develop your applicable competencies and you’ll be welcomed to any enterprise with open hearts and arms. You may be capable of remodeling your profession and turn out to be a top-notch expert who can clear up any IT-associated trouble on a real-time basis. So, have a certification in exceptional guides and you may see which you have already taken a step closer to a existence this is full of infinite opportunities.

Why You Must Pursue a Course from Ethan’s Tech?

Ethan’s Tech is India’s main expert education institute for IT guides this is committed to your holistic growth. Here, we agree that most effective theoretical information isn’t sufficient to gain achievement so we pay an same emphasis on gaining knowledge through a hands-on method and initiatives that make you an all-rounder.

Attain all of the competencies and information as a way to make you a wonderful IT professional. Learn from industry pioneers who’ve massive revel in the industry– get your doubts to remedy right away and live aligned with the contemporary-day industry traits with our curriculum this is diligently drafted below the steerage of IIT/IIM alumni.

With a 2-3month course, you will be able to call yourself an IT professional. Here, you will be learning major courses like:

    • Python Programming
    • Data Science (ML)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • DevOps
    • Goggle Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Selenium with core Java
    • Robot Process Automation (RPA)
    • Salesforce
    • Tableau
    • Angular

So, join us and take a step forward to change your life & becoming a successful working professional. To know more about these courses fill out contact form and our representatives will get back to you with information on the courses offered.

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