Which are the best Automation tools in Salesforce?

Which are the best Automation tools in Salesforce?


Salesforce is considered one of the best CRM tools in the market today. There are certain automation tools in salesforce that help the admin to automate the task into the CRM system. Automation tools in salesforce allows to deduct various monotonous works, and also provide time to the admin’s to complete the profound things. 

If you want to get into salesforce then you should know and understand the various which are associated with salesforce so that you can give a kick start your career and to get in-depth knowledge and expertise into the salesforce course then, you should join salesforce training in pune from Ethans Tech as our institute provide you the complete hands-on exposure with real time project and covers the course from fundamental to advice level. 

Let’s dig more information about the various automation tools in salesforce- 

What do you understand about Salesforce? 

Salesforce is basically one of the automation tools for CRM which is cloud-based that helps the organization to efficiently streamline the work of sales and marketing. Salesforce helps both small and large businesses to grow as their work gets more effectively and efficiently as it divides the operation of the organization and helps the employee to have a customer view of various different departments at once. 

Which are the various automation tools in salesforce? 

There are various automation tools in salesforce, but the admin only focuses on 4 major automation tools they are- 

  • Workflow Rules: 

Most of the salesforce developers are dependent on this tool as it is the most used tool and one of the most well recognized tools in salesforce. Workflow rules allow the engineers to work with business logic to automate activities based on some business criteria. Workflow rules help you to set various tasks based on events and conditions.  

  • Process Builder: 

Process Builder is the most important automation tool in salesforce for admin as it works as the breath of fresh air which is required by all the admin of the salesforce. Process Builder performs a string of tasks which includes- 

  1. Record Creation
  2. Record updation, also includes one which is already in process.
  3. Submit the approval 
  4. Based on different templates, sending the emails. 
  5. Chatter feed post 
  • Flow: 

Flow is the most powerful automation tool as it is capable of working with the complicated organization structures to create a fast and most reliable automated system. It can be used to build numerous types of flows like schedule-triggered flow, screen flow, recorded- triggered flow and many more. 

  • Apex: 

Apex is the only tool that requires development skills. It is the programming language of salesforce and it can perform anything on the platform. It is the only automation tool in which all complex and large-scale tasks are developed. Although , if you are not a developer still you should know the use of apex and how it will work . 


Automation of tools is not meant for making things easier for salesforce admin or even salesforce developers. Every tool in the salesforce ecosystem performs their work accordingly. So if you are really getting into salesforce then you should know about that course in detail. So for getting a complete exposure of the salesforce course you need to get into a proper training which is provided by Ethans Tech as we start our course from scratch and to advance level with complete hands-on exposure and real time project. 

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