Which are the different applications associated with Artificial Intelligence?


Nowadays, organizations don’t want human errors to occur anymore, so the big giants are replacing human capabilities with various technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning in many areas. Artificial intelligence is one of the well known subset of data science. Artificial intelligence is having a huge impact on various fields like medical, engineering, science, weather systems and many more. 

If you are really looking forward to giving your career a kick start then artificial intelligence is one of the best courses you can opt for, but the major issue is where you should join the course? The solutions Artificial Intelligence training from Ethans Tech, as they are providing the course from fundamental level to advance level covering all the hands-on exposure and real-time projects.

Let’s get into the blog to know more about the different applications associate with artificial intelligence: 

What do you understand about Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is basically an intelligence seen by software and machines. Artificial Intelligence can also be defined as coping with human intelligence processing exactly through the creation & algorithm brought together to a computer environment. Artificial intelligence can be seen as making computers/ machines work like humans and also think like them.

What are the different applications of Artificial Intelligence?

  • Fraud Detection: 

Whenever you do any bank transaction in spite of whichever mode it is online/offline, bak always verify your transaction details by sending a message that if you haven’t made any transaction then you can report the issue to your bank. This is how your bank uses artificial intelligence as they are detecting fraudulent transactions and non-fraudulent transactions.

  • Recommendations of music & movies: 

According to your past interest or purchase, various platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, YouTube, and many more suggest you different upcoming songs and movies so that you can just check them out as per your interest. 

  • Automated stock trading: 

Trading stock is one of the most riskiest fields someone can get into. Artificial intelligence helps to have a high-frequency trading platform that makes thousands or even millions of traders work accordingly without any human intervention. 

  •  Customer Relationship Service: 

Every client wants a good customer relationship service. Artificial intelligence helps the organization to gain and retain the customers by making the process automation for customer relationship services. Artificial intelligence creates online virtual agents who will answer or suggest your questions or queries virtually. 


Artificial intelligence is one of the most used technologies in today’s IT world as there is a deduction of human errors and makes the machine think and act like humans. So if you are really keen to know how machines act like humans then you should join the artificial intelligence classes in pune from Ethans Tech. 

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