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Freshers scope in Data Analyst position

Are Freshers Hired as Data Analysts?


In the present generation where data processing is the new norm, a data analyst is a critical figure in organizations today. An analyst in any organization is responsible for processing and interpreting data and then providing meaningful outcomes that can be used to the benefit of the company. Given the importance of this role, a common question arises: Are freshers hired as data analysts? In light of this, the following article addresses this query by analyzing the job market, the skills needed, and the prospects of freshers applying for data analyst positions.

Demand of Data Analysts:

More specifically, a rapidly increasing amount of data and activities with its help, as well as the recognition of data as a competitive weapon, has led to a higher demand for data analysts in recent years. There is an increasing demand in the market for qualified data professionals from the financial, health care, marketing, and technical practices. This high demand has occurred at what seems to be a heightened market competition that requires employers to seek employees with a sound skill set.

Skills Needed for  Data Analyst

Skills that are often required for the data analyst position are knowledge of programming languages including Python or R, the knowledge of analyzing statistical methods and data visualization tools like Tableau or Power BI. Besides, proficiency in MS SQL for databases and Excel, and problem-solving skills are vital skills to possess.

Aspirational freshers who want to grow as data analysts often encounter the problem of experiencing these skills. Thankfully, there are many online courses, boot camps, training programs, and certifications which help to fill this space. In this regard, universities are also modifying syllabi to incorporate data analysis and related fields, which will help in better preparation and placement of students in the job market adequately.

Education and Internships

It is thus important to note that although a data analyst job requires specific skills such as a trained background in statistics, computer sciences, math or economics, a form of education in the said fields isn’t strictly necessary to become a data analyst. Through other forms of learning such as Training and certification programs and Self-teaching, many freshers are attracted to the field. Other common universities that provide talent contain a variety of courses through the internet for data analysis including Ethan Tech in Pune.

The internship has a significant impact on the professional growth of a fresher going to become a data analyst. The internship’s goals are to gain concrete skills and the ability to realize what data analysis means in practice, taking place in an organization. They also provide avenues for networking, and most of the time, they guarantee full-time employment opportunities. Practical experience is considered by employers to be important as it provides evidence to an employer of how the candidate has applied his/her learning in the jobs.

Entry-Level Job Opportunities

Contrary to the general population’s perception, there is still a large number of organizations that are open to recruiting freshers as data analysts. On the concept of entry-level jobs, it is worth noting that they are usually programmed in such a way that offers learning through work experience and guidance from a senior employee. This entails that employers seek individuals who have a desire to learn new information, work using analytical methods, and possess a basic knowledge of analysis. Some of the common positions one can get in this field with fresh experiences may include junior data analyst, data analyst intern or assistant data analyst among others. Often, these roles entail such operations as data preparation, simple data analysis, and data reporting. In all organizations, after a while, freshers can move up to involve themselves with more challenging projects and assignments.

Challenges Faced by Freshers

However, freshers have the following challenges in their way while seeking employment in the data analysis field. Competition is rigorous as there are so many willing and qualified candidates to be employed in the same occupations. Further, it must be noted that technology changes are very dynamic meaning that it is essential to ensure that one is updated with the current tools and methods available. Freshers also take time to adapt in order to align their prospective technical or theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Building a Strong Portfolio

A well-optimized portfolio can be a wonderful asset for freshers who wish to become a data analyst in the near future. Some sample projects that should be included in a portfolio are those that illustrate their capacity to include analysis, problem-solving or reporting results. This might involve carrying out assignments in school, individual projects, or projects done during summer internships or extracurricular activities. The golf portfolios suggest that the quantity of tasks should not be prioritized, but rather the quality of tasks done. All projects should therefore have set project aims and objectives, project methodology, and project outcomes among other things. By using data visualizations, short pieces of code to demonstrate methods used and in-depth reports to point out key features, it can showcase the candidate’s abilities and knowledge in data analysis.

Networking and Professional Development

Another element is networking – which should be viewed as one of the significant means to secure a first job in the sphere of data analysis. Freshers should ensure they get into groups and forums where they can ask for information, associates, and job leads from experienced people. Friends and family can help with job leads or advice and websites such as LinkedIn can provide valuable information about specific jobs. Becoming a member of an industry association or data professionals’ organizations, like the Data Science Association or other similar organizations, as well as local data analytics groups, means that you will have resources, mentorship opportunities and events. Moreover, workshops, webinars and conferences must also be utilized by the freshers so that they can be in touch with the latest trends as well as business practices.


In a nutshell, it is not impossible for freshers to land jobs in data analysis although you need to work extra hard, possess the right skills and plan your career well. The demand for data analysts has remained high. Therefore, freshers can successfully embark on entry-level positions in their career as data analysts once they learn the skills that are required, get internships that offer empirical experience, develop their portfolio that shows their potential and expertise, and get mentorship or internships that help them be part of the right networks.Enhance your skills with Ethan Tech in Pune through comprehensive Data Analytic Course which provides in depth training and secured placement.

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