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Developing Skills for Data Science Success

Technology is constantly evolving, so I decided it was time to upgrade my skills. Because I work for an MNC and many MNCs are moving towards data science, I was also highly interested in upskilling a data science course in Pune with placement

Career, home, and remote learning juggling 

Choosing the ideal programme required taking into account the quality of the overall curriculum as well as the effects finishing the coursework will have on my personal and professional life. Ethan’s was at the top of my list because the Economic Times ranked the graduate programme in data science as the best. 

I decided to sign up for Data Science after reading the course page and browsing the LinkedIn profiles of other Ethan alumni. My ability to upskill while managing responsibilities at home and a full-time job was made possible by the flexibility of when to finish the courses. 

Make a statement and stand out 

I gained the new abilities and self-assurance I needed to advance my career after completing the Data Science programme in Pune. I was able to incorporate newer technology and get a competitive edge at work thanks to masterclasses taught by industry professionals. 

Because I feel like I am having more sophisticated talks now, I can notice a change in the way I approach my work. I have expanded my vocabulary at work thanks to upskilling, which results in deeper talks with my bosses. 

Additionally, I attribute my improved capacity to contribute significantly to the innovative culture at my workplace to upskilling. Students, like me, are challenged by the capstone projects and projects to apply their knowledge of R, Python programming, machine learning, and data visualization with Tableau to address real-world business problems. 

The projects were a great tool for putting my newfound knowledge to the test. The live training was unquestionably a bonus, and I believe the testing standards were also fairly strict. It provided me with a chance to think creatively and delve deeper than what was being taught. 

A Note From Ethans 

Data science is one of the trendiest industries right now. With a predicted 28 per cent growth rate through 2026, the discipline of data science is set to open up job opportunities for computer professionals as well as those in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and finance.

See if Ethan’s Professional Certificate Program in Data Science and Data Science Bootcamp are a good fit for your upskilling path by reviewing the course descriptions, advisers and trainers, and student evaluations.

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