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How can a fresher start the career in Data Science

How can a fresher start the career in Data Science ?

How can a fresher start a career in Data Science

The demand for data scientists is developing exponentially, specifically in sectors like BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), Energy, Pharma, ECommerce to name a few.

Day-to-day evolution in technology and the generation of massive quantities of data have caused the excessive demand for Data Scientists throughout the globe. The significance of collecting and gathering data is critical because it allows organizations to decide and as a result impact the trends in a specific industry.

Data Science course in Pune encompasses many breakthrough technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Deep Learning to name a few. The development and technological trends in data science have improved its effect throughout each industry.

What is Data Science? 

Data Science may be described as a multi-disciplinary tool that extracts insights from structured and unstructured data using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems. In technical language, Data Science unifies statistics, data analysis, and machine learning to recognize and examine actual phenomena via data.

Data Science can’t be taken into consideration as a totally technical tool because it employs strategies and theories from fields which include mathematics and statistics together with computer science and information technology. The important three components concerned in data science are organising, packaging and delivering data. Data Science analyses data and the outcomes of that evaluation are used to attract conclusions and make choices on it.

What are the future prospects of Data Science? 

The use of data analytics in nearly every industry has contributed to a pointy growth of 45% in the overall jobs associated with data science last year. The developing demand for data scientists will come up with a concept about the scope of Data Science in India. Here are a few main industries with an excessive demand for data scientists.


  • Ecommerce-  E-commerce and retail are some of the most applicable industries that require data evaluation at the most important level. The powerful implementation of data evaluation will assist the e-commerce organizations to expect the purchases, profits, losses or even manage clients into buying matters by monitoring their behaviour. Retail manufacturers analyse client profiles and based on the results, they market the relevant products to push the client towards purchasing.


  • Manufacturing- Data Science is utilized in manufacturing for plenty of reasons. The main use of data science in production is to have an effect on productivity, minimise risk, and growth profit. Following are the few regions wherein Data Science may be used to enhance productivity, strategies and expect the trends:


  1. Performance, quality assurance, and defect tracking
  2. Predictive and conditional maintenance
  3. Demand and throughput forecasting
  4. Supply chain and dealer relations
  5. Global market pricing
  6. Automation and the layout of latest facilities
  7. New methods and substances for product improvement and production techniques
  8. Sustainability and more energy efficiency


  • Banking & finance- The banking industry has been evolving rapidly. Banks had been a number of the earliest adopters of data technology for processes and security. Banks are the usage of the technology to recognize their clients, maintain them, and feature new ones as well. Data evaluation is assisting financial establishments to have interaction with clients more meaningfully by knowing their transactional patterns. The data of transactions to be had to banks is utilized in risk and fraud control. The introduction of data science has brought about higher management of each client’s personal data. Banks are starting to recognize the significance of collating and utilizing not only the debit and credit score transactions however additionally buy history and patterns, mode of communication, Internet banking data, social media, and mobile phone usage.



  • Healthcare- Electronic medical records, billing, scientific systems, data from wearables, and numerous portions maintain to churn out massive volumes of data each day. This offers a precious opportunity for healthcare companies to make certain higher patient care powered by actionable insights from preceding patient facts. Of course, data science is making it happen. Data scientists internationally are progressively revolutionising the healthcare industry. From enhancing care delivery to accomplishing operational experience, they’re operating to optimise every factor of healthcare operation by unlocking the ability of data.



  • Transport- The transportation industry creates remarkable quantities of data daily. Most of the data in the industry is captured thru passenger counting systems, automobile area systems, ticketing, and fare collection systems, and scheduling and asset management systems. The use of Data Sciences consists of the exceptional ability to derive insights into making plans and dealing with transportation networks. Insights from this captured data are considerable to gain an aggressive advantage, enhance provider reliability, and mitigate risks.


Different Data Science Roles

To name a few, a number of the most common job titles for data scientists include:


  • Business intelligence Analyst- ABI analyst makes use of data to assist figure out market and business trends by analyzing data to expand a clearer picture of wherein the organization stands.
  • Data mining engineer- The data mining engineer examines not only the data for his or her own business however also that of 1/3 parties. In addition to analyzing data, a data mining engineer will create sophisticated algorithms to assist analyze the data further.
  • Data architect- Data architects work intently with users, system designers, and developers to create blueprints that data management structures use to centralize, integrate, maintain, and protect data sources.
  • Data scientists- Data scientists start by translating a business case into an analytics agenda, growing hypotheses, and understanding data—in addition to exploring patterns to measure what effect they’ll have on businesses. They additionally discover and select algorithms to assist further examine data. They use business analytics not only to give an explanation for what impact the data is going to have on an organization in the future, but also can assist devise solutions in order to assist the organization to move forward.
  • Senior Data scientist- A senior data scientist can assume what a business’s future desires will be. Apart from collecting data, additionally they examine it thoroughly to solve noticeably complicated business issues efficiently. Through their experience, they cannot only lay out however, force forward the creation of latest standards, in addition to create approaches to apply statistical data and additionally increase tools to assist in addition to examining the data.


Why learn data science? 

With the amount of data that is being generated and the evolution in the area of Analytics, Data Science has become a need for organizations. To make the most out in their data, organizations from all domains, be it Finance, Marketing, Retail, IT or Bank. All are searching out Data Scientists. This has brought about a massive demand for Data Scientists all around the globe. With the sort of salary that an organization has to provide and IBM is maintaining it as a trending job of the 21st century, it is a beneficial job for many. This area is such that everyone from any background could make a career as a Data Scientist.

Pros and Cons of Data Science

The area of Data Science is huge and has its very own truthful share of benefits and limitations. So, right here we can measure the pros and cons of Data Science.


Pros of Data Science- 



  • It’s in demand: Data Science is significantly in demand. Prospective job seekers have numerous opportunities. It is the quickest developing job on Linkedin and is expected to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. This makes Data Science a tremendously employable job sector.
  • Abundance of position: There are only a few people who’ve the specified skill-set to turn out to be a whole Data Scientist. This makes Data Science much less saturated in comparison with other IT sectors.


Therefore, Data Science is a massively abundant area and has a variety of opportunities. The area of Data Science is high in demand however low in supply of Data Scientists.


  • A highly paid career: Data Science is one of the most incredibly paid jobs. According to Glassdoor, Data Scientists make an average of $116,100 per year. This makes Data Science a distinctly beneficial career option.
  • Data science is versatile: There are numerous applications of Data Science. It is extensively utilized in health-care, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries. Data Science is a completely versatile field. Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to work in numerous fields.



Cons of Data Science 



  • Data science is a blurry term: Data Science is a completely popular term and does not have a particular definition. While it has turned out to be a buzzword, it is very difficult to write down the precise meaning of a Data Scientist. A Data Scientist’s particular role relies upon the sector that the organization is specializing in.
  • Mastering data science is nearly impossible: Being a combination of many fields, Data Science stems from Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics. It is far from feasible to master every field and be equivalently expert in all of them.


While many on line courses had been seeking to fill the skill-hole that the data science industry is facing, it is nevertheless not possible to be proficient at it considering the immensity of the area.

A character with a background in Statistics won’t be capable of master Computer Science on quick notice that allows you to become a gifted Data Scientist. Therefore, it is an ever-changing, dynamic field that requires the individual to maintain studying the various avenues of Data Science.


  • Large amount of domain knowledge require: Another disadvantage of Data Science is its dependency on Domain Knowledge. An individual with a tremendous background in Statistics and Computer Science will discover it hard to solve Data Science problem with out its background understanding.


The same holds true for its vice-versa. For example, A health-care enterprise operating on an evaluation of genomic sequences would require an appropriate employee with a few expertise of genetics and molecular biology.

This permits the Data Scientists to make calculated choices that allows you to help the company. However, it will become hard for a Data Scientist from a unique background to accumulate particular area information. This additionally makes it hard to emigrate from one industry to another.


  • Problem of data privacy: For many industries, data is their fuel. Data Scientists assist organizations make data-driven decisions. However, the data applied in the procedure may also breach the privacy of customers.


The private data of customers are seen to the parent organization and can at times cause data leaks because of lapse in security. The moral problems concerning maintenance of data-privacy and its utilization had been a subject for plenty of industries.


Data Science has turned out to be the key technology & the main buzz word throughout the IT & Corporate domain. So, that is the right time to step into this technology. Throughout this Data Science Training In Pune program, our professional trainers & mentors can extend their full assistance to the participants. With a coordinated effort in our Data Science Training, we can be operating toward transforming our students into whole profession prepared Data Scientists. 

Data Science Training at Ethans Tech Pune is the stupendous program containing plenty of Data Analytics and Data Science Training strategies. Data Science Training in Pune  is exceptional in terms of content and delivery by world-class faculty. Data Science training masters important Data Science principles which includes Data Preprocessing, Exploratory Data Analytics, Data dealing with Techniques, Statistics, Algebra, maths, Machine Learning algorithms include regression, classification, and clustering. The Data Science course in Pune Assists people to get prepared through operating on real-time-case studies and equipping them to work independently on relevant projects.

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