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How to choose and develop a machine learning career?

How to choose and develop a machine learning career?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are the most discussed and popular technologies that are dominating the business world today. Which is why, there is a high demand for professionals trained in them. In simplified terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables machines to mimic human behaviour, it is the science of making machines intelligent. Machine Learning is the application of AI which uses statistical methods to generate predictions based on the learnings from historical data. Deep Learning is the application of Machine Learning that uses complex algorithms and vast volumes of data to train a model. 

In this article, we are going to talk specifically about building a Career in Machine Learning and the right machine learning classes in Pune you can take to hone your skills. 

Who can become a Machine Learning Engineer? 

Anyone. Yes, today with the help of technology thankfully, anyone can sit at the comfort of their home and take up an Online Machine Learning Course to upskill themselves. Whether you are a working professional from another field, a fresher, or a student you can become a Machine Learning Engineer. All you would need is knowledge of Python Language and its concepts, which is a fairly easy programming language to learn. 

What are Some Facts about Machine Learning? 

  1. AI and Machine Learning are different: Artificial Intelligence mimics human behavior while Machine Learning is a subset of AI that aims to develop methodologies to allow machines to learn. 
  2. Machine Learning is generally split into two major categories: Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning. There is also Semi-supervised Learning.
  3. Machine Learning gets the biggest share in funding’s for AI. 4. The top areas where machine learning is the most applied are: Business Analytics, Security, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service. 
  4. Working as a Machine Learning Engineer means you work on cutting-edge technology to provide solutions to complex business problems. 6. Online Machine Learning Courses are easily available at the click of a button these days, unlike a couple of years ago. 

What is a Machine Learning Engineer’s Work? 

  •  They design, research, and implement ML systems’ algorithms and tools. – They select appropriate data sets and representation methods, perform statistical analysis, and verify the quality of data. 
  •  They identify differences in data distribution that affects model performance. 
  •  They run machine learning tests and experiments. 
  •  They train and retrain systems as and when necessary. 
  •  They study and transform Data Science Prototypes. 

What are Machine Learning Engineer’s Skills? 

  • Knowledge of Programming Languages, preferably Python. – Familiarity with Statistics, Matrices, Vectors, and Matrix Multiplication. – Understand Machine Learning Techniques Like Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Neural Network Architectures. 
  • Knowledge of training and deploying models. 
  • There are many more skills that you learn simply by attending Classes on Machine Learning. 


  1. Skill of the future is Machine Learning: Since major companies are turning to the use of technology, there lies a huge scope in the field of machine learning. Be it any industry or sector, if you are good at this, the future will look easy for you. 
  2. You are solving problems in real-time and working on real challenges: As an ML Engineer, you develop solutions that impact the businessdirectly. Solving real-life struggles are a part of your job. And who doesn’t feel good being a Problem Solver?
  3. You have countless opportunities to learn and grow: You have continuous learning curve because this tech has a lot to be explored yet. You also get deeper understanding of the industry you work with. In short, you grow tremendously in your experience and skillsets. 
  4. Recession-Proof Job and an Exponential Career Graph: Since this technology is fairly new and the industry is on the rise, your career graph will follow an upward path. You will find yourself being “in-demand” because of your skillsets. If you live in Pune, you will particularly find this industry booming and a lot of job vacancies. The best thing to invest in 2022 is a Course in Machine Learning in Pune
  5. It is not dull or monotonous: As an ML Engineer you will have to automate the routine tasks and make machine work for you. Of course, this would require you to attend Classes in Machine Learning and get a Certification before you achieve this level. 
  6. You will have a lucrative package: It is no surprise that people in this industry are well paid. Also, since this industry is on the rise, you can expect a healthy growth in the near future as well. 
  7. Other career options include Data Scientist: You always have the option of becoming a data scientist to further grow in this field. 

All in all, you will have an exciting career path filled with learnings, experience, and countless opportunities. In this era of digital revolution, every industry has turned to IT to solve its complex problems. This industry can only boom and the future possibilities are endless. Anyone who has a background in Mathematics, Computer Science, has a knowledge of or is keen on learning Statistics, knows or wishes to learn Python as a programming language, has Business/Domain Knowledge can easily take one step forward by enrolling themselves in a Machine Learning Course in Pune and start building their career one step at a time. 

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