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Python Applications in Real World

Top 12 Fascinating Python Applications in Real-World [2024]

Python is a language that needs no introduction! It has been around for decades and become an integral part of the application development realm. However, for those new to Python and looking to pursue online Python training in Pune, Python is a popular, interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.

The language’s numerous features (that also work as its benefits) make it part of various types of applications everyone uses in the real world. So, while overviewing a few benefits of Python that constitute its popularity, let’s also look at the 12 types of routine business and domestic applications that run on Python.

Benefits of Using Python for Application Development

Python proves advantageous in various ways. One should attribute its popularity to its features that make it intuitive to use and effective.

High-Level Language: Python’s high-level nature eliminates the need to remember its system architecture or perform memory management.

Simplicity: Python has a softer learning curve. Also, it is easy to use and implement across any of the applications it runs. Besides, Python has a syntax similar to English. Hence, aspiring developers pursuing a Python course in Pune can quickly master it.

Open Source: It is an open-source language freely available to the public. Besides, as Python supports the FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) model, the Python community can tweak it and upgrade its features.

Object-Oriented: Python is an object-oriented language (it can model real-world data) and also functional (having a code one can reuse).

Extensivity and Embeddability: Python allows you to write certain parts of your Python code in other programming languages like C++. You can also embed your Python code in the source code of other languages.

Portability: Python is a portable and flexible programming language. Thus, a Python code written for Windows or Linux can run on iOS.

Interpreted Language: Unlike Java and C++, Python executes every source code line by line. Hence, one can debug a Python code while writing it.

Pursing Python Course in Pune – 12 Applications You Can Build on Python

Now that we’ve run through some benefits of Python, let’s look at 12 different types of applications built on Python.

  • Business Applications

Enterprise-level applications or software have more unique requirements than others. They require features like extensibility, readability, and scalability. Additionally, companies using these applications should also be able to integrate them with legacy systems for seamless and uninterrupted operations. Python serves all these needs with its features that we’ve already discussed above. Additionally, it has other tools for business application development, including Odoo (a comprehensive suite of enterprise management applications) and Tryton (a high-level, general-purpose, and three-tier application platform for building business applications).

  • Web Development

Another significant use of Python for everyone looking to take up Python classes in Pune is web development. Python offers many options for web development. It has Pyramid, Django, Bottle, and Flask to develop web frameworks and advanced content management systems like Django CMS and Plone. These frameworks have standard libraries and modules that simplify tasks like database interaction, content management, and interfacing with internet protocols like POP, JSON, XML, HTTP, and others.

  • Desktop GUI Applications

Python has a modular architecture and can work on numerous operating systems. Additionally, with efficient text processing tools, Python forms a remarkable choice for developing desktop-based GUI applications. Furthermore, the programming language offers various frameworks like WxPython, Kivy, Tkinter, PyGtk, PySide PyGUI, and PyQt that enable developers to develop functional Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

  • AI and ML Applications

Python is the default language for AI and ML development. Thanks to its secure, flexible, and scalable nature and libraries like Keras, PyTorch, and TensorFlow with tools that help build empowering AI and ML applications. A few of the best Python packages for AI and ML include Seaborn for data visualization, SciPy for advanced computing, and Pandas for general-purpose data analysis

  • Game Development

Python also is used extensively for game development. It has various useful extensions that help develop interactive games. The two Python-based libraries used for game development include PySoy (a 3D game engine that supports Python 3) and PyGame. Some popular games built on Python include Vega Strike, World of Tanks, Frets on Fire, Freedom Force, Arcade Car Racing, and Civilization IV.

  • Web Scraping Applications

Web scraping is an automated process that helps quickly and easily extract information from websites. Python proves helpful in the process as it has a concise syntax improving readability, and also the language is easy to understand. Python simplifies the web scraping process with various tools and libraries like Pandas, Selenium, and Matplotlib. Some popular web Python-based web scraping tools like MechanicalSoup, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, and Urliib.

  • Mobile Application Development

Having a mobile application isn’t an option anymore. It is a must for every business. People pursuing classroom or online Python training in Pune and looking to build a career in mobile app development should know why Python is popular for it.

Python benefits mobile app development in various ways. For example, it has frameworks like BeeWare and Kivy that allow developers to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Additionally, Python enables rapid prototyping, provides access to native APIs, and has extensive community support.

  • Operating Systems

This is another significant use of Python every developer pursuing a Python course in Pune should know. Python runs behind the scenes of various operating systems, primarily those of Linux distributors. For example, Linux-based Ubuntu’s Ubiquity Installer, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise’s Anaconda Installer, and Gentoo Linux leverage Python. Usually, developers combine Python with C to design and develop OSs.

  • Scientific and Numeric Applications

Python provides the skeleton for computing and scientific data processing applications. For example, applications like Abaqus and FreeCAD are coded in Python. A few useful Python packages for scientific and numeric computation include Pandas (data analytics library), SciPy (scientific numeric library), Natural Language Toolkit, and IPython.

  • Academic Software and Applications

Python is a straightforward language. That’s why it is the go-to choice of many pursuing a Python course in Pune.  However, the language’s simplicity also makes it useful for developing educational software and applications. Some other reasons include versatility, data analysis, and a range of libraries. Hence, various educational software and platforms use Python as the primary programming language to teach computer science and programming concepts to their students.

  • Image Processing Applications

Python is also used to design and build 2D imaging software. Some examples include GIMP, Scribus, Paint Shop Pro, and Inkscape. Additionally, it also enjoys widespread use across 3D animation packages like Maya, Houdini, Blender, and Cinema 4D.

  •  Language Development Applications

Have you ever heard of a programming language helping develop other programming languages? Believe it or not, it is true! And our good old favorite Python helps do that. The language’s design and modular architecture have helped develop programming languages like CoffeeScript, Cobra, Boo, and Swift. These languages have various similarities with Python based on indentation, syntax, and object models.

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