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Why choose Ethan's for Business Analytics Course in Pune

Why Choose Ethans For Business Analytics Course In Pune?


All businesses rely on data to make decisions–and in a fast-paced and uncertain world, they need to make decisions quickly as well. To solve the problems with analysis, the Business analytics subject grows and helps thousands of big and small companies. If you want to build your skills in new technology like business analytics that helps to boost your career and make you future-ready, then Ethan’s tech is the best solution for all your questions and doubts. Technology demands are increasing day by day, instead of worrying about the future you can start to upskill yourself without any stress. 

Ethan’s tech institute in Pune is counted as one of the best institutes for providing technology training for students and professionals to make the desired career. The institute offers a one to one mentorship program with the best IT experience teacher. In addition, the syllabus was designed under the mentorship of IIT/IIM alumni and more on career growth and placements.

Ethans tech has three main branches in India located in Gurgram, Noida, and Pune. The Ethans institute in Pune provides training to their students according to the demand for new technologies in the market. More than 9000 plus students enroll with Ethans tech and grow their careers. We are here to upgrade the skill set with 100% practical training under the support of mentors.

Business Analytics course: 

Business analytics is one of the top demanding skills in today’s scenario. But what is business analytics? many of us do not know, so here the simple definition of Business analytics is, Business analytics is nothing but analyzing and manipulating the data for business requirements to make insightful business decisions.

Analyzing business data involves transforming data into insights to improve business decisions. Tools such as data management, visualization, predictive modeling, data mining, forecasting, simulation, and optimization are used to analyze data. After the competition, you will certainly be prepared to crack an interview, and your knowledge will make you superior to your competitors.

Business Analytics course in Pune Program Overview:

Business analytics course is the top rating course in today’s time. The demand for business analytics increases day by day. There is no shortcut to becoming a business analytics. To become business analytics and get good job opportunities, you can go ahead with the Ethans Business analytics course in Pune.

Course Duration: The course is dedicated to 80-90 hours of lectures and it aims for students to go beyond old traditional learning methodologies and involve in practical knowledge. 

Fees Structure: The Business analytics course in Pune is affordable for students. Anyone who wants to learn and build a career in business analytics can enrol just by paying 2000 rupees, a one-time payment. In the end, it is up to you if you want to build your career and make your salary a six-digit number, instead of sitting and chilling with Netflix subscribers. Lastly, the fees are once paid and non-refundable.

Course Learning: In this course, you will learn more about the theoretical concept of business analytics as well as new technologies like SQL, Business Intelligence, Power BI, Tableau, and so on. With these new technologies, you will also learn the soft skills that help in your interview and make your personality more engaging and confident.

Teacher Support / Trusted Trainer: As IT industry experts and corporate trainers from renowned multinational companies, all of Ethans Tech faculty members have extensive experience in the subject matter and are well versed in it. In addition to their standard duties of imparting knowledge, faculty members also undertake consulting assignments for leading Indian and multinational companies, gaining practical knowledge through their experience with real-life situations.

Job Assistance / Placement: Ethans tech institution is one of the best in the market. We work with multiple companies and have helped more than 3000 freshers get jobs and working professionals change their domains in top companies across India.

How does Ethans tech provide the training to their students?

After thoughtful discussion and a series of brainstorming sessions, the course was designed by industry mentors from various multinational companies. It was designed so that individuals could comfortably work on any related IT projects.

For this, we mentor individuals in terms of creating a strong visibility social profile with several use cases and the same application code in addition to regular sessions. As part of our program, students can also write blogs and place self-placed sample projects to build a strong personal portfolio, we mentor in terms of technical discussion and how to present oneself effectively, and we collaborate with many top-notch branches to assist our students in switching companies and domains.

Moreover, we offer a resume-building and grooming session to our students, which helps boost their credentials. Students are also included in our placement forum, where they can access multiple job references from our broad pool of faculty and strong network, and we will maintain a technical discussion forum for you to resolve any technical issues you may have. After all these things, Ethans also provides the course completion certificate with post-assessment and real-time-based projects.

Why Ethans is the best for the Business Analytics Course 

Ethans tech is one of the best institutes for students who want to learn and build their careers in new technologies. There are many reasons to enrol in the Business Analytics programs at Ethans, so here is a list of some reasons that students mentioned:

  • Affordable Course: one of the best about Ethans tech, its courses are more likely inexpensive and everyone can afford them. The fees are 3x times lesser if you enrol in any other institutes. Ethans tech offers reasonable prices so every Indian student’s participation in technology and learning increases.
  • Business Analyst Demand: The demand for Business analysts is growing, no doubt Business analyst career is a promising career that provides you with top opportunities in an industry with every aspect of growth. The Business analytics classes offer students the ability to build the logical building, good analytic power, and soft skills for the future ready.
  • Course Scope: The institute not only provides deep knowledge of the topic but also provides real-time scope and practical training to its students. Students get proper mentorship from their trainer and the course offers the best career opportunities with top IT firms.
  • Dedicated to Students/ Professionals: The business analytics class is not dedicated to students or professionals. Students even enrol in their program if they have no understanding of Business Analytics. Because the course covers every aspect for the candidate. 
  • Study Material: As part of the program, students will receive hard copies of the study materials upon enrollment and soft copies will be shared over the cloud by the respective faculties.
  • Teacher Assistance/ Training: The institute offers one-to-one participation, the main aim is to provide all the students with proper guidance and real-time knowledge that helps them crack top interviews. The teachers are very supportive and give their 100% in learning and practice.
  • Hands-on Exposure by the Industrial Experts: Business Analytics course at Ethans Tech was designed by industry experts from multiple multinational companies. Following a series of brainstorming sessions and considerate discussions, the course aims to give people the opportunity to work on IT projects and kick-start their careers.
  • Job Opportunities: The participation of students and their skillset help to crack any top company job. The skills not only make your resume a top fit but also your skills make you at the top of the list. Students have a diverse way to grab job opportunities and follow their passion for learning.
  • Job Assistance Program: Almost everyone wants a job and the dream job in this generation.Business Analytics Classes in Pune at Ethan’s help you to break into the IT industry since they collaborate with several top-notch companies that enable our students to enter their domains and the desired industry through their collaborations with these organisations. Furthermore, Ethan’s prepares students for interviews and resume building, giving them an edge over the competition.

 Benefits of Business Analytics course


  • Understand New way of Learning: Students easily get Business analytics courses in Pune, but the course provides deep root knowledge about the subject with practical learning and modern method of learning.
  • Salary of Business Analyst: An average salary for a Business Analyst is Rs 491,522 annually. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Project Management, Requirements Analysis, SAS, Microsoft Visio, and SQL. After doing this course, you will be assured of a salary hike and your job, and getting the first job is not much tougher for Ethans tech students. 
  • Get good job opportunities: You’ll find a wide array of jobs in Finance, Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Analytics, Marketing Research, or Commodities.
  • Better Decision-Making Power: After pursuing this course, you will get the skills of planning your things and better decision-making skills that not only help you in your career but also help you in your life.
  • Get a new dimension of thinking: Make the right business decisions based on hidden trends, generate leads, and scale.
  • Available at a reasonable price: You can get the best course with a reasonable range & top mentors support who have already served tech companies, so the experience you gain from classes will make your career journey remarkable and spontaneous.
  • Boost your CV/ Resume: Participation makes learning more interactive and supportive, so make business analytics classes more interactive. The classes contain more features like real-time examples, and projects that boost your skills, and make your CV much stronger as well if they are listed on your CV.
  • Get exposure to New technologies: The course fulfills real-time demand and is based on new technologies with a basic understanding of technology because we all know that technologies change with time, the thing that never changes is knowledge, experience, and practice.
  • The course syllabus is made up under the mentorship of the IIT/IIM alumni, so the course didn’t get any hustle to complete it. The course was completed in a time-bound manner with practical experience.
  • The students will get both types of study material: hard copy and soft copy. The students also get practice projects so they can write on resumes to showcase their skills.
  • There are thousands of students learning the business analytics course, but the course offers certification and practical experience. The certificate you can use anywhere to showcase your skills in interviews, resume, and so on.

Future Scope of Business Analytics course 

Business analytics courses are in high demand in recent times, due to various reasons. Every IT small, medium, and large firm needs data collection with analysis and manipulating data that helps to get easy decision-making for employees.

Here the role of business analytics plays a vital role. The business analytics classes not only help in learning business analytics but are also ready for different fields like data science, data analytics, Big data analytics, and so on. According to the study estimates, the job market for business analytics will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.3% by 2026. So start building your career or switch your career to Business Analytics and follow your passion for learning.

Career-ready Placement with Ethans Tech 

The Ethans tech aims not only to provide deep knowledge about the subject but also to make you prepare a job ready for all situations. The course program is truly for those who want to build their career in business analytics and those who want to grow more in business analytics. The business analytics classes are more focused on placements and job assistance for students.

The Ethans institute has an extensive network of collaborations with multiple companies. We have helped 3000+ freshers to get jobs and professionals to switch to top firms across the country. The business analytics course in Pune with Ethans tech makes your career in perfect shape for many reasons. One of the major reasons is that many MNCs are located in Pune, and Ethans tech has a wide scope with IT companies. Lastly, Ethans tech makes the course according to the job-assistance to the freshers that helps to crack big MNCs companies.


The business analytics classes make you ready for job opportunities and fulfil the real demand of companies. There is never to be late, enrol in the business analytics course in Pune from the best institute Ethans tech, to get exponential career growth in a time bound manner.

Follow your purpose and feel your passion, with your consistent learning and the best faculty support, you will easily build your career. Make your skill sharp and ready for real-world requirements with Ethans Tech. The business analyst course will help you gain knowledge and gain hands-on experience working on real-world projects to make you the best candidate for interviews.


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