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Python Training In Noida

Ethans Tech Noida offers Python Programming and Scripting Course, which is the Certification program that aids you to master yourself in the mandatory Python concepts such as Core objects, Programming Techniques, Data handling, Functions, File Operations, Modules, Packages, Object-Oriented, API concepts, and many Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib and many more. This course makes you industry-ready by working on real-time-projects and you are well-equipped with the relevant concepts. However, Python is the icing on the cake in IT

Lectures: 16-20 | Duration: 48-52 hours | Mode of Training: Classroom & Online
Register to confirm your seat. Limited seats are available.

About the Course

About of Python Programming

What do you mean by Python?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language with incorporated dynamic semantics generally for web and app development. It is extremely attractive in the field of Rapid Application Development as it offers dynamic typing and dynamic binding options.

Python is particularly simple, so it’s easy to learn because it requires a completely unique syntax that focuses on readability. Developers can examine and translate Python code much easier than other languages. In turn, this reduces the cost of program maintenance and development as it permits teams to work collaboratively without substantial language and experience barriers.

What are the Benefits of python?

Benefits of Python:

  • Presence of third-party module: The Python Package Index (PyPI) consists of several third-party modules that make Python able to interact with most of the other languages and platforms.
  • Extensive support libraries: Python offers a huge preferred library that consists of regions like internet protocols, string operations, web services tools, and operating system interfaces. Many high-use programming tasks have already been scripted into the standard library which reduces the length of code to be written significantly.
  • Open-source & community development: Python language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, which makes it free to apply and distribute, which includes commercial purposes.
  • Learning ease and support available: Python language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, which makes it free to use and distribute, which includes commercial purposes.

Why to Learn Python from Ethans?

Ethans Tech is the top-notch institute in Noida, providing Python classes since 2015. We are market leaders in cloud automation and analytics helping working professionals and freshers to get into Python programming and its stream from scratch. Ethans Tech offers python training over the Weekends and Weekdays on various Python streams. We are a leading python coaching centre in Noida that gets along with students to give them a tight grip on Python Programming from square one.

This Python Training Course is most recommended to start a career as Python developer, automation developer, Data Scientist, Web Developer and many more.  Course content of our Python Courses is endorsed and delivered by renowned professionals working in the IT industry with extensive experience in their respective domains from leading multinational companies. In an attempt to provide the best Python training in Pune, we review our course curriculum frequently and keep it updated all the time, to ensure you’re learning what’s most relevant to employers.

Students are trained in order to crack the interview by presenting mandatory interview questions from day1 and complete training is focused on practical exposure with 100% delivery on project based learning. Students will easily crack Python interviews and have advanced knowledge and expertise in Python Automation and Data Science with Python.

Why is Python useful for IT Professionals?

Python being one of the most popular and widely used programming languages today is applied by beginners and professionals, startups and large companies, academia and commercial entities. As a general-purpose and multi-platform programming language, it has a variety of applications.Python and most of  its stuff are free and open-source. There’s a large, dedicated, and friendly community of developers and educators who support the development of Python and the related libraries and help people learn and master Python.

Reasons :

  • Python is free and open source – Python interpreter itself and the majority of the most popular third-party libraries are free and open source. Python is licensed under a very permissive Python Software Foundation (PSF) License. Other software is usually licensed under quite permissive licenses like PSF (BitArray), BSD 3-Clause (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Django, Flask, IPython, Jupyter, Bokeh, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn), MIT (BeautifulSoup4, Flake8, PEP8, IP, Spyder), Apache 2.0 (TensorFlow, ElasticSearch, NLTK, Tornado), LGPL 3.0 (Qt), and so on.
  • Python is popular, loved & wanted – Python is the simplest language in the world. It’s also the language developers love to use. On the Tiobe Index list for August 2019, Python is the third, behind Java and C, and in front of C++ and C#. According to the Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey for 2019, Python is just behind JavaScript (and also HTML/CSS and SQL). According to the same survey, it’s the most desired programming language and the second most loved, after Rust.
  • Python has a friendly and devoted community – Multiple people work on the development of the Python and the third-party libraries. Many programmers write blogs relevant to Python.If one has a problem when programming in Python, likely it’s already asked and solved by someone in this large community. Just search on a search engine, and the chances are that you’ll find the answer on StackOverflow or a similar platform, or some of the blogs. One can also commit your question to StackOverflow, and you’ll probably get a quick response.
  • Python has elegant and concise syntax – Python is designed to be readable. Its syntax is closer to the natural language or pseudo-code compared to the syntax of C-like languages and it uses whitespace: newline to end statements (we can use the semicolon, although it’s rare) and horizontal spaces or tabs to mark code blocks.
  • Python is Multi-Platform – Python interpreter works on many operating systems. In most cases, you aren’t going to notice the distinctions between the operating systems when programming in Python, except for the file paths. There are, however, some subtle differences. Many third-party libraries also work well on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • Python supports multiple programming paradigms – Python is a multi-paradigm programming language. It supports several paradigms like procedural, object-oriented, and functional. It has the built-in package functions that facilitates functional programming.Python also enables you to mix programming paradigms intuitively. You need to find the path that suits you the best.
  • Python offers useful built-in libraries – Whether you want to perform unit tests, enable multiprocessing capabilities, work with regular expressions, manipulate dates and times, generate pseudo-random numbers, or do some math or statistical calculations, Python offers useful built-in libraries. And many more. Python built-in libraries are well-tested and reliable. They are open-source, so you can go to GitHub and see the implementations.

Python has many third party packages – Although there are built-in libraries, they can’t cover all that programmers need. Python programmers have developed tons of free and open-source libraries you can get. You can find many of them via the Python Package Index (PyPI), the repository of Python software.

  • Python plays nice with others – Python can be slow in some situations. However, if that’s the case, the chances are that you’ll find a suitable library written in C or C++, or maybe Fortran with a Python wrapper that’s very fast.
  • Python is a general purpose programming language – Python is useful for a variety of applications like data science and machine learning, Web development, Internet of Things devices, desktop and mobile applications development, and just automating repetitive tasks. This is due to the simplicity and flexibility of the language and interpreter. Also, due to the existence of a large number of third-party open-source libraries.

Does a Fresher also attend Python Classes?

Yes, of course. Python being remarkably easy to learn, there’s no age eligibility to get into it and can be used as a stepping stone into other programming languages and frameworks. We have students learning Python, right from Std. 8th to a working professional holding 24+ years of work experience. Python is a feather on one’s cap and if you’re an absolute beginner and this is your first time working with any type of coding language, that’s something you definitely want. It’s widely used, including by a number of big companies like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Disney, Yahoo!, Nokia, IBM, and many others. The Raspberry Pi – which is a mini computer and DIY lover’s dream – relies on Python as it’s main programming language too. You’re probably wondering why either of these things matter, and that’s because once you learn Python, you’ll never have a shortage of ways to utilize the skill. Not to mention, since a lot of big companies rely on the language, you can make good money as a Python developer.

 Other Merits Include –


  • Python can be used to develop prototypes, and quickly because it is so easy to work with and read.
  • Most automation, data mining and big data platforms rely on Python, as it’s the ideal language to work with for general purpose tasks.
  • Python allows for a more productive coding environment than massive languages like C# and Java. Experienced coders tend to stay more organised and productive when working with Python as well.
  • Python is easy to read even if you are not a skilled programmer. Anyone can begin working on this language, all it takes is a bit of patience. On top of that, it makes it an ideal candidate for use among multi-programmer and large development teams.
  • Python powers Django, a complete and open source web application framework. Frameworks – like Ruby on Rails – can be used to simplify the development process.
  • It has a massive support base thanks to the fact that it is open source and community developed. Millions of like-minded developers work with the language on a daily basis and continue to improve core functionality. The latest version of Python continues to receive enhancements and updates as time progresses. This is a great way to network with other developers.


Python classes in Noida

Core Python Training Content

Core Python Training Content:

  • Introduction to Python IDE’s
  • Python 3.X and Anaconda Python Introduction
  • Jupyter Notebook and IDLE
  • Python – Core Objects
  • String, List, Tuple, Dictionary, set etc
  • Python Data Structures
  • Python Programming techniques
  • Python Conditionals Statements and Loops
  • Python Keywords
  • Lambda Functions
  • Generator, Iterable and Decorators
  • Python user Defined Functions
  • Python Builtin functions
  • Python object/Class functions
  • Python file handling Operations
  • Context Manager in Python
  • Reading, writing and appending Operations
  • Python Builtin Modules and Libraries
  • Python user Defined Modules and packages
  • Python user defined exceptions
  • Debugging techniques
  • Object Oriented Python Programming
  • Database Interface with Python
  • REST API call
  • Requests and Logging Module
  • WebScraping Techniques
  • Excel Interface
  • Numpy – Introduction to Statistical Method
  • Pandas – Data Analysis Module
  • Matplotlib – Graphical Interface in Python

Optional Modules For Data Science

Lectures: 16-20, Duration: 50-60 hours

  • Setting up Your GitHub Account
  • Revision of numpy, pandas, matplotlib Libraries
  • Introduction to Seaborn Library
  • Statistics concepts
  • Machine Learning Concepts
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression Classification
  • K-Nearest Neighbors (K-NN) Classification
  • SVM Classification
  • Decision Trees Classification
  • Random Forest Classification
  • K-means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Mini Projects


Classroom Sessions

Ethans Noida offers highly professional and advanced training as per the industry need with a special focus on 100% practical and project based program, interactive sessions with Individual focus, online doubt clearing sessions, backup online recorded session, forum access for doubts and questions

Flexi Pass

Eight months free rejoining option within the same branch and same trainer from date of joining. Option available for branch change with minimum charges according to institute’s norms. Special discounts on joining multiple courses and referral bonus can also be availed. Lifetime WhatsApp technical discussion/placement group access.


Hands-on assignments on each topic and modules, trainers provide these assignments according to the student's skill set and project requirements. Assignment duration will be approximately an hour a day. Assignment focuses on real time companies projects. Complementary Study Material with every course.


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified institution. Our certificate is recognized by many top companies. The certificate is provided on an assessment by our industry experts which makes your curriculum vitae, a holistic one and marks an edge on your profile. Increase the weightage of your resume by obtaining a course completion certificate on successful completion of the course and projects.

Real-life Case Studies

Ethans provides multiple use cases on real time projects. It helps students to understand the business requirements, analysis of requirements and challenges on real time implementation. We make them industry ready.

Job Assistance Program

On successfully completing a course with Ethans, you could be eligible for a job assistance program. Under this program we help students to build a perfect resume and optimize online profiles for job calls. Alumni group of 5000+ students help share the opportunities. 3000+ freshers/professionals received jobs in top companies in India or across India with good salary packages.

Python Course FAQs

What are the prerequisites for Python Training?

Python being the simplest high level programming language, there’s no prerequisite for it. Just a zeal and determination to learn programming is enough for a beginner to learn python. Get ready to learn something, innovative and mandatory as python is one of trending object oriented programming languages in the modern days.

Who should go for Python training?

In today’s world, there’s no age to upskill onself. Right from class eighth school boy to a well-experienced working professional, irrespective of their domains are eligible to learn Python. It’s the finest kick off for the freshers and icing on the cake, for others.

What if I have queries after I complete this course?

You will have access to the technical discussion forum lifetime, which will help you in resolving most of your doubts and queries. Eventually, you can connect with your respective faculty directly, else reach out to the nearest Ethans help desk for further assistance.

Who are the instructors?

Our faculties are all extensively experienced IT Industry experts and real time corporate trainers from renowned MNC’s with marvelous knowledge in the subject matter. In addition to their standard duties of imparting knowledge, faculties also undertake consulting assignments for leading Indian and Multinational Companies that gives practical exposure based on real time scenarios from their world of experience. Ethanians that upskill are able to vividly recall classes even after years. Such is the impact of our remarkable trainers on the students.

Will Ethans be providing any study materials?

Yes, Ofcourse. You will be provided with both, hard copies of the study material upon enrollment and soft copies will be shared by the respective faculties over the cloud during the program.

What types of courses are available at Ethans?

Ethans is a Market leader in Cloud, Automation and Analytics (such as Python, Data Science – Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Hadoop, Selenium, Robotics Process Automation, etc.) helps working professionals and freshers in enhancing skills in multiple technologies as per the market demand.

Does Ethans provide Job Assistance?

Yes. Ethans being one of the top notch institutes, has a wide network in the market. We do have collaboration with multiple companies that helped 3000+ freshers to get place and working professionals to switch their domains in top companies across India. On course completion, one becomes eligible for the placement assistance.

Does Ethans provide weekend classes for professionals?

There are multiple institutes which are providing software training courses, but only Ethans offers professional training on various demanding technologies with flexible timings over the weekdays as well as on weekends depending on the requirements of working professionals.

What are the profiles and experiences of trainers at Ethans?

We have a big pool with a strong and renowned team of professionals having extensive expertise in the technology they deliver. Our trainers are quite supportive and render an amicable learning environment which invigorates the student’s growth in an optimistic way. They are all with huge industry and teaching experiences. Some of them hold more than two decades of experience of the same industry.

Do I need to pay the complete fee lump sum or I can have an installment facility too?

We are open for both, lump sum and installments. Best to pay it in one go, but we avail maximum two installments. First installment is to be cleared on the very first day of the class and the second one, within 21 days from the batch commencement date.

The fee which I will pay is refundable or transferable?

No. Fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable at any case, as we assure best training quality at Ethans Tech. We do not let go of any of our valuable students and ensure to deliver the quality that meets one’s requirements and is worth it. Each one of you is important to us.

Does Ethans provide free Demo classes before joining a course?

Yes, Obviously. It’s mandatory and your right to know everything regarding our institute before enrolling. We keep on conducting multiple free demo sessions on numerous technologies every week at all the respective branches of Ethans. It gives you awareness, knowledge, makes things crystal clear and also helps one to decide upon the technology he/she wishes to opt for.

What are the facilities and infrastructure at Ethans?

As of now, Ethans has presence at three locations in Pune (Pimple Saudagar/Kharadi/Baner) and in Noida as well. Looking forward to expanding gradually across India with all your support. Ethans has state-of-the-art-infrastructure that accelerates a pleasant and academically vigorous and stimulating environment for the students and the faculty.

Does Ethans provide Online Training?

Yes. Ethans renders Online training too. It’s a virtual and absolutely interactive training by the identical faculties that educate at our different branches with the help of a specific software which is best to intercommunicate online. You will be obtaining uniformly the same study material and assessment in online training as in the classroom. Educating yourself from Ethans Tech either by classroom or online means is the same, as the instructors don’t change. Now, it depends on the students, which mode to prefer based on their comfort levels.

Does Ethans provide facility to repeat the batch?

On enrollment at Ethan’s Tech, you are provided with a flexi pass that avails eight months free re-joining option within the same branch and under the same trainer from the date of enrollment. We also provide online recorded sessions as backups. Options available for branch change with nominal charges as per the norms and regulations of the institute.

Does Ethans provide Institutional Certification after the course?

Yes. Certificate is issued to the respective student, after the course completion and assessment which is valid in multiple companies and apparently, it becomes an edge in your curriculum vitae in order to showcase your skill set.

Does Ethan's conduct training at Corporates?

Yes, we are frequently engaged in corporate training being the market leader with a big pool of corporate trainers having a wide network with collaboration with several top MNC’S that ultimately becomes an add-on for placing our students with such references.

What is the admission procedure at Ethans?

Basically, there are two ways of registering with Ethans Tech, Online and Offline. In terms of Online, you just need to visit the enrollment tab on your website – which will redirect you to the enrollment form, wherein you need to fill all your essential details and proceed further by paying Rs. 2000/- as the registration fees (inclusive of your standard course fees) For Offline admission, you can can contact and visit any of your nearest Ethans branch and carry out the further formalities under the guidance of the team at Ethans Desk.


Looking for Industry Expert Counseling?

We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios. The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals. The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

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Our Testimonials

Hi, it was a great and quality experience to get upskilled in Python from Ethans Tech. The program is well designed and the trainer was highly experienced and good at presenting the concepts clearly by presenting real-time scenarios. The Admin team is very helpful and they are always available whenever you need any help regarding coding or the software. Therefore, I would highly recommend Ethans Tech.

    Renuka Gudela Palteru
    Renuka Gudela Palteru

    Sr. Team Manager at Gallagher

    The courses are premium and great commandments. Instructors are always there to clear the queries and prompt you when you open an issue if you are having any trouble. Added bonus - you get the software, study material, and certification of the course you opt for! I have enrolled in so many courses and they always offer the best course each and every time I enrolled. Love these guys. Salute to their service !!

      Upender Negi
      Upender Negi

      Network Design Specialist at BT, UK

      The training is really marvelous and we are about to start a POC that would really help us in implementing the real-time scenarios. Overall the session is good and interactive. Thanks for all the classes organized. I am immensely satisfied with the course content, they offered pre-recorded classes and 8 months of post-class assistance from experts. I exceptionally recommend Ethans Tech, as it’s the best for corporate leanings and all cutting-edge technologies/tools/languages.

        Priyanka Tomar
        Priyanka Tomar

        Consultant at Credit Suisse

        I am a last-year College student and my keen Interest is in Cloud Technology, In Feb’20 - Joined the Amazon courses training program from Ethans which gave me 100% Practical Hand-on training along with covered the Programming languages, Big Data Hadoop, AWS, Azure, SQL DataBase which help me to get prepared for Internship and Job. One of the best Institutes!

          Gayatri Soni
          Gayatri Soni

          Intern at Ethans Tech

          Classroom sessions were delightful. Don't have a command of Linux and Python, and because of that feeling of lagging somewhere, would have more wonderful learning, if I had a command of those languages. Overall experience is superior for learning.

            Md Ashraf Khan
            Md Ashraf Khan

            Technical Service Engineer Expert, Fujitsu

            It was a great learning experience from Ethan's teaching Skills are pitched perfectly. The trainers were well Experienced and motivational. They always make sure that each and every student should be crystal clear with every topic, and they are always ready to help, this is what helps them offer the best service to their students. Thanks, a bunch of Ethans for developing my interest in coding.

              Anhadpreet Singh
              Anhadpreet Singh

              Student at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana

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