Ethans Rishma Chopra


Founding Member – Ethan’s Tech

She’s the finest and dedicated identity, born and brought up in the north, successfully discharged the MS-IT degree in the year 2009 from Punjab University and worked for several elite MNCs across the globe that helped them in achieving success and attaining their goals. No matter what, she keeps her calendar up to date and is quite organized that helps herself to show that she has got herself together. Her actions inspire others to educate oneself more and more. With her dedicated approach towards work, she plays an indispensable role in multiplying trade. She can keep her cool under pressure and it’s her pleasure to meet new people every day with her assertive nature that leads to expansion of business. The approach that she has towards turning ideas into reality is superlative. Her work ethics speaks for itself and even when the going gets tough, she has the best attitude! Her output is impressive to say the least and means a lot to the team with her caring and friendly nature to get the things to fall in place. If you can’t find her in the office, she’s likely gallivanting around the city uncovering hidden gems or tucked away at home baking, cooking and reading. Great Zeal !!
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