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10 Reasons to Learn Python

Since 2016, Python has been expanding, and it is expanding rapidly. Python is the second “most liked” language among developers, with 73% of respondents to the 2019 StackOverflow Developers’ Survey choosing it over other languages currently dominating the market. Why, then, is Python so well-liked? In 2020, why should you study Python? Here are five justifications for enrolling in the top Python classes in Pune, given these considerations. 

Python is a straightforward language

Institutes providing data science courses in Pune claim that Python language is exceptionally simple to use and learn, especially for beginners and newbies. This popularity stems from Python’s lack of strict rules and difficult syntax, making it a preferred language for those just starting out. You can easily create and execute Python programs much faster than codes in other programming languages because it closely mimics the English language.

Portable Python 

Python is a flexible and highly portable language. In Python, cross-language operations are simple to complete. Python may be utilised in virtually any setting. 

The majority of platforms used in the market today, including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Play Station, and others, support it. Python is simple to combine with Java and.NET parts. The expansion capabilities of Python let you call C/C++ libraries. By eliminating the need to buy and learn a new operating system, this feature reduces additional expenditures.


Python is adored by tech giants

A corporate sponsor’s support is crucial for the quicker development of any programming language. For instance, PHP is supported by Facebook, and Visual Basic & C# by Microsoft. Amazon Web Services, Google, and Facebook all support the Python programming language. 

Since 2006, Google has utilized it for a variety of platforms and apps. 

Many well-known companies, including Yahoo, Google, Disney, NASA, Mozilla, and many others, heavily use Python.


Numerous frameworks and libraries 

Python is always current and on-trend since, as we all know, it is an open-source language. Whatever you choose to explore, there are a wide variety of open-source libraries, frameworks, and modules available. It makes creating applications simple. 

Python provides a wide variety of libraries and frameworks for different uses. Matplotlib, NumPy, Requests, and Scipy are a few examples. 


Automation and scripting

Another scripting language is Python. Scripting is the process of writing code in the form of executable scripts. Python may also be used to automate certain operations, which will save time and effort. There are several excellent libraries available that make task automation simple. Expert instructors offering Python courses in Pune with placement assert that a few lines of code can simplify tasks like Excel reports, emails, and other chores.


Both machine learning and artificial intelligence 

Right now, the demand for artificial intelligence is at an all-time high. The area of AI with the highest interest is machine learning. Making a machine learn from the data in a similar way that people learn from their experiences is the fundamental idea behind this field. 

Python has grown significantly in popularity in the field of the most complicated technologies, such as AI, according to institutions providing online python training in Pune. To implement AI, you need numerous algorithms, but Python’s predefined packages make it simple. You only need to run one command to install and load all the required packages.TensorFlow, NumPy, Keras, and Theano are some of the best and most well-known AI-based Python libraries.


Website creation 

Web developers prefer Python as one of their top languages. So, as a developer, understanding this language would be advantageous. Because it has so many libraries and frameworks, including Django, web2py, bottle.py, CherryPy, etc., Python is very helpful for web development. 

Python is a simple language that supports some of the most well-known products and applications in the world from businesses like NASA, Google, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft, among others.


Data science

In recent years, businesses have realized how crucial it is to use data analytics. The main motivation for many programmers to learn Python in 2020 is data science. Data exploration, analysis, and visualization are all done with Python. Because coding is simpler and quicker compared to other languages, it is recommended.

Encourages testing 

Python is an interpreted, high-level, generic programming language that aids in the creation of manageable and logical code for both small- and big-project developers. Because it provides the test in a readable and informative manner, it is a favored option for test automation. 


Employment and high pay

In India, there is a huge need for Python developers, but there is a very small supply. Python has recently provided many professional prospects in India. It’s a wise decision to pursue a career in Python. NASA, Google, Nokia, IBM, Disney, and other firms are a few examples of businesses that favor Python.

Among the highest-paid developers are those who work with Python. 

Now that you are aware of the opportunities Python can provide for you, sign up with Ethans Tech for Python training in Pune right away!

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