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6 reasons to study data science

According to Harvard Business Review, the sexiest job of the twenty-first century is becoming a data scientist. 

Two definitions of data science are the study of data generated from various sources and the process of turning it into useful information that can aid in corporate decision-making.. A data scientist is a professional who spends a lot of time working with raw data to extract insightful business information from it. With the use of their data visualization skills, a data scientist improves business decision-making by bringing more speed and better direction to the entire process. Enroll in a data science course for beginners for a promising career path in this thriving field.

Here are the reasons why to learn data science:

Data is the new Gold

Although we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of data being produced and consumed, collecting data alone renders it worthless. The knowledge produced by this excellent resource is what provides an organisation with the genuine effect necessary for expansion. We have already observed that businesses that have mastered the collection and use of data outperform their rivals. 

High demand

In the modern corporate world, firms cannot disregard the usage of data analytics. Due to the enormous amount of data available, data scientists are in high demand. In 2020, there will be a rise of 364,000 to 2,720,000 openings, according to IBM. The demand will only increase, reaching a startling 700,000 openings. 

The top position on Glassdoor’s website, according to that company, is data scientist. Future developments will not affect this position. 

It is a “high-demand skill” since the need for data scientists is increasing exponentially. Companies are paying enormous amounts to those with the qualifications to work as data analysts, scientists, engineers, etc. The second-highest nation for hiring workers in the field of data science or data analytics is India.

Data Scientist job opening

Lucrative Career choice

Professionals in data science make significantly more money than workers in other markets. 

Job in data Science

In India, a data scientist makes an average pay of Rs 6,99,928, and a data analyst makes an average compensation of Rs 4,04,924. Your income is likely to improve annually by about 15% if you complete a data science course from a reputable institution. Your salary will continue to rise as you get more work experience and skill proficiency. 

High Flexibility

Numerous new opportunities are emerging as a result of the massive data surge. Data scientists are in high demand across numerous industries, including business, energy, government, healthcare, intelligence, and security. Additionally, as data science has a wide range of applications, you can choose a career path that appeals to your unique interests. According to professionals who offer data science courses in Pune with placement, it’s an exciting moment to think about a career in the field. 

Leadership Roles

Shortly, businesses will start using data science for a variety of processes, including Project Management. Businesses may make more profitable decisions with less effort by employing data science to comprehend data insights and patterns. Data analysts need to be able to explain complicated results to the organization’s technical staff. Data analysts now play a significant role in the businesses’ decision-making process thanks to these communications, which are crucial. Experts in analytics frequently have great leadership qualities as well. 

Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence is developing. AI has a wide range of current practical applications. Based on prior data, AI continues to learn over time. A well-known example of an intelligence system created combining data science and artificial intelligence is a chatbot. Although the discipline of data science is vast, the rewards are much larger. Today’s world is seeing a rapid evolution of technologies, and to keep up and advance, we must be adaptable. 

The best strategy is to enrol in a Data Science course for beginners certification course that is linked with the market. Since we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, the accreditation from well-known organizations like Ethans Tech adds weight if the employer is seeking the finest candidate. Our data science course in Pune accreditation is accepted by numerous prestigious businesses. Join us as you take the first step toward a thrilling and promising future.

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