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Python Project Ideas & Topics for Beginners [2021]

Looking for Python Project Ideas?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in web development, game development, data analytics, and machine learning currently. It looks like this trend is about to continue in 2021 and beyond because of ease of its use and readability. Python is a multi-purpose programming language, with libraries for almost everything, which means you can do endless things with Python. After knowing the basics of this language, don’t just stop with the theoretical knowledge. Go ahead, and Explore!! You will find out numerous good projects to work on.

In this article, I’m going to show you a list of exciting project ideas using python for beginners, intermediates, and experts to improve your skills and build your portfolio.

Top 30 Interesting Python Projects Ideas

Theoretical knowledge without practical knowledge, won’t be of help in a real-time work environment. The best way to hone your skills and boost your confidence is to work on some real-time python projects at python classes in pune. It will help you to get hands-on experience on Python and transform your theoretical knowledge into practical experience. By building Python projects you’re learning by actually doing what you want to do and hence increasing your chances of success exponentially.

A) List of Python Project Ideas for Beginners

Below is the list of Python project Ideas for beginners and can get started off with their Python flight shortly. Henceforth, these projects will provide a clear picture with all the practicalities that are required in your career as a Python programmer.

Here are best mini and simple python project ideas and topics for beginners:

1. Mad Libs Generator

One of the creative ideas till date to start off experimenting a fine Python Project for Beginners is a kick start on Mad Libs generator. This project excites any student as it focuses on Strings, variables, and Concatenation, this python project majors attracts on how to manipulate user inputted data. Mad Libs Generator is a program design that asks users to enter a series of data which is planned by Mad Lib and then it goes under consideration in the software. The Inputted data could be anything, like a metaphor, noun or a pronoun, etc. Once all of the data is entered, the Application software runs according to the data entered and provides an output into a Story Type template Form. Sounds Exciting, right?

 2. Number Guessing:

Another Most Exciting Python Project is Number Guessing, a great fun gaming Experience for Python Beginners. Under this, the program generates a random number between 1 to 100 of any specific range and then the user must guess out a number after receiving a hint from the computer. Each time a user’s guess work is wrong they generate more hints to make it easier for the user to guess the number but the cost will be a reduction in scores. The hint can be anything to multiples, divisibility, greater or smaller sign or a combination of all. The program specially requires functions to check if an actual number entered is right or wrong. Number game is always going to trick you up in a jungle of numbers.

3. Text-Based Adventure Game:

One of the Basic elementary games is Text-based Adventure Game. It focuses on totally Text based visuals. In this game, users are tilted to move text through different rooms within an individual setting and based on the user entered input, the software provides descriptions for each room. This is one of interesting yet basic python projects. The major part of this game is the Movement Direction. You must develop walls and series of directions from which the users can move through the rooms, set movement barriers and include a GPS sort of tracker so that you can have a notice of how far the user has walked or moved in the game. The Best part is that Python Projects can help your resume look more professional and interesting than others.

4. Dice Rolling Simulator:

The game itself is named after Dice, which resembles Rolling dice. This is one of the most imitating python projects and will create a random number each dice the program runs and the player rolls the dice for the time he wants. After rolling the program will generate any random number that will be between 1 and 6. After displaying the Number to the user, the program also asks if the player wants to roll again. For this Kind of Program, the maker should include a function to grab the number within 1 to 6. One of the major python beginner level projects to build a strong foundation for Fundamental programming concepts. Want to try the Game though.

 5. Binary Search Algorithm:

As the name suggests. It’s an algorithm game, in which you create a list of numbers which are between 0 till the range you want, for every succeeding number having a difference of 2 in between the numbers list. The program is designed in such a way that the user enters a random number to be searched. The program begins its search by dividing the list into 2 halves. In the First Half, the searching for the required number and if found, the other half is denied and then vice versa. The search of the Number is continued until the Number is found or Subarray Size comes down to Zero. This Project is entitled majorly to write a program to search an element in the list. It’s like finding a needle out of the lot, smart mind perhaps.

6. Hangman:

It’s one of the great times of Game wherein guessing the word skills is programmed. While working on this project you will develop areas which include variables, random, integer, input, strings, output and Boolean. In this game, the users will have to enter letters to guess out and each user will have only a few chances to guess the word, this is where the interesting part begins. Hence, you create a pre-organized list of words that users can pick out words from. In the Program, you must specify some functions to see whether or not the user has entered a single letter or if the input letter will be hidden, if the user has actually inputted a single letter and the print domain appears.

7. Rock Paper Scissors:

One of the interesting mini games wherein it’s designed for you to play on Rock Paper Scissors. These are a series of functions which will be required to have an overview of each sector.

  • Random Function: in order to generate Rock, paper or scissors.
  • Valid function: to verify the validation of the Move done
  • Result function: required to declare the Winner
  • Scorekeeper: to keep an eye on the track of scores.

This python project will require the user to make the first move before the program moves. Once the move is made, it’s validated, and in the input entered could be an alphabet or a string. After the evaluation stage has arrived the winner is decided by the result function and the score of the round is updated in the scoreboard by its function. Try it out, Rock paper scissors are the evergreen adventures of the times.

 8. Website Blocker:

Website surfing is one of the trends nowadays through the net wherein unwanted pop ups bring a huge distraction negatively. If you feel irritated, this Project will bring wanders in your surfing behaviour. Website blocker helps in creation of blocking certain websites and domains from opening them.

9. Leap It 0ut!

In this Project, you have a year and the amazing part is that you can check whether the year is a leap year or not. For this amazing step, you will be required to create a function that recognizes the pattern of all the leap years falling in that bar and can input into as many years as wished. At the end of the project, you get the print result using a Boolean Expression.

10. Gamer Pyth:

Pyth wants to explore python so that he can build amazing games and puzzles. So, for building games it has been using Pygames library for structuring. Pyth started to build the game for playing a hidden treasure hunt. As this increases the complexity the fun increases as well.

 B) Intermediate Python Projects Ideas

Here are simple intermediate python projects ideas and topics:

1. Directory Tree Generator:

One of the major intermediate projects wherein the program deals with the relationship between the files and directories and a way in which it will comprehend. This Project will run with the visualizing relation within files and the directories. A very good hands-on experience with Python OS Library can be used to list the files and directories. Python library adds on with conducive frameworks that are Docopt and Argparse. Python Developers to have this Tree Generator for organizing work level distribution.

2. Python Currency Converter:

One of the Programs which is for Finance lovers who are looking for simple Desktop Graphical User Interface. As the name itself suggests, the role of the project is to convert currencies from one country’ currency to another country’ currency.  For example, converting Indian currency to US dollars or to Euro. For this project, Tkinter is the library used as Standard Python Interface that can be used to design and develop the project on Application.

3. Python Chatbot:

As far as Chatbot is concerned, we have a lot in the Market you have worked with machines several times. A Chatbot has several roles to do such as Chatbot can have a record and work on Delivery Orders, Customer Management according to the certain messages drafted in the program and many more roles to be held out. Under this, you will be working on Python Libraries including NLTK and Keras Libraries.

4. Python Traffic Signs Recognition:

A required and demanding Program in the prevailing Market which focuses on Traffic Signs Recognition. We are moving towards the future where the Car will be driverless. A very important aspect for the Machine is to identify the Traffic signs. The program will be designed in such a way that the Image will be automatically identified and then the car will function according to the Image Captured. The Project will be implemented by a deep neural network model using the Library of Python i.e., Keras framework. This particular model is capable of identifying 43 different types of Traffic Signs. This Project will be easily built on GUI for easily interacting with the Applications.

5. Message Encode Decode Python Program:

This is for the developers who are working on different aspects of secrecy and decoding messages. This program is used for securing sensitive information by encoding messages. The objective of this project is to encrypt messages and use a common key to decode messages. This Python project will be built using Tkinter and Base64 library.

Perhaps a secret agent requires a secret programming tool.

 6. Magic 8 ball Python:

Project revolves around the areas of fortune-telling that are used to make decisions for a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question. This Python Project works on the CRUD libraries and majorly will be programming some certain assumptions in order to accompany the user. This Project deals with the aspects of structuring a backend code in order to work around a project.

7. Tic-Tac-Toe

One of fascinating text games that brings joy in the playable form with text adventure. No user input is needed, this game is automatically played with the program itself. You indulge into python libraries like NUMPY and PANDAS to build this game. Tic-Tac-Toe is a game played with 2 players by drawing ‘O’ or ‘X’ in one square of nine squares. Person to get with 3 symbols in a line is declared as a winner.

8. Alarm Clock:

It’s actually worth building an Alarm Clock especially for those who are laziest in wakeup Times. You built an alarm clock for yourself with the help of Python libraries. There are wide areas of working in the project wherein you will be told to create the clock ticking terms and work on the sensor to provide an alert regarding the different alarms in a single time frame and even an interesting area that is providing a snooze function. Project especially for the late comers to provide an alert of time.

9. Python Countdown Calculator:

Countdown function is one of the complexity functions wherein you create some codes on which you will be working on two dates like input and calculate the amount of time which is left over between them. In this way you get familiarized by date time modules taught in the python training.

10. Python Quiz:

Under this, if you get a good hands-on experience of taking quizzes on python then it’s a relief and a very quick and not easily hacked quizzes which are created in Python. The teacher will help you on the questions listing and after that you create a list of questions to be asked in a multiple-choice pattern with the right answers marks and there will be a scoreboard function which will show the correct answer instantly. This provides a good-level Python module training and a brush up on concepts like storage and scoreboard and MCQ pattern quizzes.

 C) Python Project Ideas for Advanced Level

Here are python project ideas and topics for advanced level:

1. Instagram Photo Downloader Python Program:

Social Media is a never-ending trend in the market, especially when it comes to Instagram. This Program being one of the best in the market for social media lovers wherein this application comes in handy when you are willing to dissolve your insta account yet want to keep the collection of your photos. Under this Program, you design an application where a user enters its credentials to open their account and then open up your friend’s ID and Download their Photos. What not can be done with Python!

2. Content Aggregator Python Program:

Surfing through different websites and articles will provide you with a good amount of authentic information and the gist is that it’s a lot more time consuming in the real time. This Project will require you to code on aggregating the popular websites in search of a relevant content and at the same time you compile all the content and then it is presented into a form of a new unbiased content.

 3. Plagiarism Check Python Program:

The word itself reflects the work that will be performed, i.e., checking out the Plagiarism in the particular content. Such a program will be useful in terms of content creation and health amount of blogging, currently considered one of the finest businesses in the market. As there are even tools which are available free in the market to give a spine of check yet most of the part remains uncovered. That’s the reason a good plagiarism tool project can be created for further development.

5. Music Player Python Program:

Music is love for everyone, as it heats you up with the enlightenment, what if you are to make your own Music Player App. Other than Playing music, your program can explore your file directories and search for music. This will be a very nice python program wherein music lovers will create an interface that can be far better than the other apps which are available in the market. Under this Project, you can browse all the song tracks, increase or decrease the music volume, display the song track details and many more functions to be added. This Project revolves around the Python Programming, Database management, algorithm construction and Processing of data.

6. Expense tracker Python Program:

Expense is a word that scares the hell out of everyone, as individuals need to keep a track onto the expense account. Python developers are very much handy in the creation of these kinds of Software with the help of Python Libraries. You use PySimpleGUI to create the interface for the app and then for the better execution a mixture of Structuring with Pandas and Matplotlib can be a huge solution to you by the end of the software development.

6. Speed Type Testing Python Program:

Totally a technical application programming, wherein your typing speed is tested. This is done with the help of Python Libraries again. Firstly, you need to create a UI using Library Tkinter, after that you structure the backend and frontend of the program which will tell you the user speed, accuracy and word per minute in the end of the particular test taken. A very frequently used software which has its source code available on the web. Let’s try making one!

 7. Web Crawler:

One of the automated program scripts that surfs the internet and stores the content of a particular Webpage. A web crawler is one of the most required tools in the market to search on for the ranking of the particular page. For such an extensive program you will need to use a multi-thread concept. Python module makes the crawler bot or an alternative option is also available, you can Scrapy as well. Python is an open-source web crawling framework which is exclusively used to design the Web Scraping and areas of Data extraction by using APIs.

8. Image Resize Application:

Under this Application, you will have to work on Machine learning as well as Python Structuring. We first have to start working on pre-process data, then perform a few resized images to make a validation on the accuracy of the software and then rename the images tasks. As the program starts from scratch, yet it has many functional areas to start working on in bulk.

9. Python File Explorer:

As the name suggests, the tool which will manage all your data in a file manager which will be developed using various concepts of Python. You need to build an application that anyone can use to explore the files in the system. Henceforth it should also provide features like searching and copy paste functions. Tkinter is a flexible python library which will be developed on the GUI Applications system easily.

10. Memory Puzzle Program:

This Python Programming focuses on the memory area of the user. Memory games are one of the great games to enhance your concentration power and improve your memory area. In the Starting of the game, some of the shapes are displayed and they are covered in the black out area. The user who is playing the game, the user will one by one uncover the image and then you have to remember that exact copy. A very good combo for children’s mindset.

Which Python Project Platform You Should Consider?

You need to build your software to run on a platform so that people who lack certain technical knowledge can use your software. You may wonder which project platform should you select for your python projects. The web, desktop, and command-line are the three major platforms you’ll want to build your projects for.

1. Web Applications:

Developers are responsible for building the elaborate projects with both the front-end and back-end part of the application. Front-end refers to the part that users can interact with while back-end is where all the implementation of the business takes place.

You don’t need to download the web applications to use them, making them ideal for public use. These applications run on the web. You can use some Python web frameworks such as Django, CherryPy and Flask to name a few.

2. Desktop GUI:

You can build your own Desktop Graphical User Interface application, a great project for Python developers. The best part about developing desktop Graphical User Interface is that you don’t need to learn any front-end technology like in web applications. Python has many frameworks to create your desktop applications such as PySimpleGUI and PyQt5.

3. Command-Line:

Command-line applications work in a console window. They don’t have any form of graphics and visual interface present for the users to see, hence some knowledge of commands is required. These are robust and powerful but not very user friendly.

You can use docopt, Python Fire, and argparse frameworks to build your applications.


Is Python Suitable for Beginners?

Python is an open-source object-oriented programming language, which is free to use. It has easy english-like syntax, making it easier to learn and understand, when compared to other programming languages. With its clean syntax, Python is suitable for beginners as well as experienced developers. Beginners can easily get a good command on the language by understanding the basics of Python first. Fundamentals can help with the grasp over advanced concepts later.

Python has numerous libraries and frameworks that help developers in developing applications quickly. Although Python is a high-level language that allows you to do complex tasks, it is easy to learn and understand. With the little practice of coding every day, you can easily get familiarized with Python.

Can You Learn Python without any Programming Experience?

Programming is purely based on logic. With the sense of logic, you can start with virtually any language, Python being easier than other languages to learn with its intuitive syntax. PYTHON is one of the easiest languages because it needs fewer lines of code improving the readability of the code. You can start without any trouble, with some basic know-how of maths and english. With the help of extensive libraries and frameworks, students can start building their own projects that can provide them with much needed hands-on experience for boosting the confidence.

Python is one of the best languages to start with – it’s easy to learn and understand, but also a useful language even for mature programmers.

How Can Python Projects Help you?

One piece of advice for all the Python Beginners that works every time: create more and more Python Projects.

Beginners mostly struggle in putting the theoretical knowledge to practice or get bored of learning syntax for a very long time. Books and videos can help a student up to a specific point. Building Projects can help you bring everything you are learning together. You can feel the progress you are making that will give you the motivation to keep on learning more. Project based learning can also help you with nitty gritties that can only be learnt with the practice. When u feel industry-ready, learn and develop a project with SLDC paradigm. Progress in the projects will give you the confidence to face the challenges or interviews with positive attitude.

Reasons You Should Learn Python

Python is given a preference over many other languages due to its emphasis on readability and ease of use. Python is a language that is of great use to the beginner as well as advanced programmer in the year 2021 and beyond.

Here are a few reasons why you should learn python:

  • Cross platform and open source: It is a cross platform open-source programming language that can work with Linux, MacOS and Windows without any issues.
  • Vast libraries: Python has PyPI with numerous scripts and modules available for the users which can help programmers and solve many problems.
  • Data Science: With the release of Numpy and Pandas, Python is the most prominent language in the data world. Data scientists prefer python over other languages.
  • Lucrative Career: Salary of a Python Engineer on an average, is much higher compared to others in the industry.
  • Tech Giants: Big companies like Instagram, Google, Netflix, Hewlett-Packard, etc. rely on Python. Adding python to your skills can make your resume attractive to the tech giants.

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Python can be considered as a multifunctional language that is easy to learn and can give a boost to your career. From the beginner’s point of view, Python is easy to learn with wide set of tools and packages. For professionals also, it is the most recommended language. Python is used in Data Analytics, ML and AI, Data Science more than any other language. If you are looking for job/domain change then Python can be the right choice. Python can unlock doors to the lucrative career with attractive pay packages in big companies.

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