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Is DevOps a Good Career?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops) and the respective practices. DevOps makes it possible to make the development life cycle of the software application more efficient and render better quality as well. The methodology used here is referred to as Agile methodology. The automation and integration of the processes become easier with DevOps.

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DevOps Career Guide

Since it can save time, money and, resources, DevOps is being adopted by several businesses. Therefore, the career options in the field are vast and providing as well. It has a great demand for software companies in the country as well as across the borders. Below you can find everything you need to know if you are about to start a career in DevOps.

What are the Career Objectives of DevOps?

Given that it combines the practices from development and IT operations, there are certain objectives that DevOps engineers must adhere to. These are extremely important for the related services. The DevOps objectives are given as follows:

  • Analysis: The business requirement must be understood in its entirety and all the necessary data should be collected before beginning with the project. This also helps in determining the time required and draw out a mock design.
  • Design: When the information is collected from the client, it needs to be assembled to form a sample design. The format needs to be accurate to move ahead with the development of the software.
  • Code: The development team is responsible for drafting or optimizing a code for the software to be generated. These codes can differ depending on what computer language is being used.
  • Compilation: Code compilation is essential to ensure proper execution of the development process and the functioning of the software application. The compilation also helps in keeping the code quality in check.
  • Test: This is the most important phase of developing a software application. Handing over the product before testing its accuracy is insanity. The application must be deployed only after it has been tested for various functions it performs.

Is DevOps a Good Career in 2021?

Well, there is no doubt that more and more businesses are going online, and the upcoming businesses will be significantly digital. While making this transition smoothly, software applications constitute major importance in the process. This is one of the reasons why a career in DevOps can be rewarding. Besides, there is also a great demand for DevOps engineers in developing and developed countries.

Is DevOps a Good Career for Fresher’s?

Joining DevOps as a fresher can have various benefits. Such as – DevOps engineers are in demand in different kinds of industries; given the complexity of the job, even the freshers are paid well; there is scope to learn from experience and experts, and others. Also, several companies are preferring freshers so that they can be trained to adapt to the company’s specific requirements or the industry. Therefore, freshers can look forward to a fulfilling career in DevOps.

Is DevOps a Demand?

Is DevOps a Demand

As per the research conducted by the Global Market Insights, it has been observed that DevOps is to become a multi-billionaire market and generate jobs in the global technology market. As mentioned previously, most businesses are going online and digitization has become a revolution for upcoming businesses. Therefore, it would be an understatement to say that DevOps is in demand only in the technical market.

Does DevOps Pay Well?

Companies ranging from small scale to larger enterprises, all require technical expertise and therefore, have a demand for DevOps. Companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Accenture hey how far packages ranging from 5.6L per annum to 6.8L per annum. However, the software engineers are paid more than the lower-level executives that work in DevOps. There are several factors that affect the salaries of the professionals that work for DevOps.

Average DevOps Salary in India

An average salary for DevOps engineers, who are experienced, is estimated to be 6.7 lakh per annum. For freshers, salary will range from 2L to 3L per annum. Some of the factors that affect the salaries include – the institution from where the education was pursued, experience gained through internships and other kinds of training programs, and other such factors.

What are the Career Opportunities for DevOps in India?

Apart from DevOps engineers, there are various other kinds of career opportunities that can be found in the field. Some of such major career opportunities for DevOps are given as follows-

1. Application Developer

These professionals are responsible for the development part of a software application. An application developer will create a source code for the software to be developed. The developers not only create but also execute, test, and deploy the software application or product.

2. Security Engineer

As the name suggests, a security engineer is responsible for the planning and implementation of security measures. They must also manage and keep upgrading the security measures depending on the requirement of the issue. Security managers are also responsible for securing the network systems and then saving them from breaches.

3. Integration Specialist

These specialists work with computer systems to enhance networking. This networking is important for efficient communication between the software applications and the hardware. Usually, integration specialists are employed in large-scale companies where there is a requirement for extensive computer networks and technology.

4. System Admin

A system admin or system administrator is responsible for configuring, operating, and maintaining computer systems. They are in-charge of servers as well. A system admin must ensure that the resources are being conserved and the company does not have to go over its budget.

5. Automation Engineer

These are the engineers who are responsible for ensuring that all the systems are working efficiently in their care. The work of automation engineers mainly constitutes of controls where they are to automate various processes. These processes include designing a business model, developing a system or software, and others.

Job Opportunities in DevOps Market

Though DevOps is a constantly growing field, it is well settled to provide a good range of job opportunities. Here you can find the jobs available in DevOps on different job search portals:





DevOps Engineer




Automation Engineer




System Admin




Application Developer




Security Engineer




Integration Specialist




How to Switch Career to DevOps

To switch over from a different area of study to DevOps, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. While getting into DevOps, make sure that you understand its concept and are familiar with the basic principles. Furthermore, learn about the different aspects so that you get a better idea about the area in which you can build a career.

Apart from that, study the various technologies that DevOps incorporates and pick a favorite one to specialize in. This will help you in understanding where and how you would have to proceed in DevOps. Also, it will filter the job opportunities for you.

Which Career is Best DevOps or Developer?

Building a career in development and software engineering is where a DevOps Engineer or a Developer can thrive. The opportunities are open at different levels of organizations. There is a hierarchy in large enterprises where the duties are much more precise and detailed. When it comes to the market, there is scope for a career in the country as well as abroad. Companies from across the borders come to India looking for DevOps professionals, offering a hefty package.

Which is Better Career: Blockchain or DevOps or Cyber Security?

Domain fraud, lack of transparency and unreliable payment models, bot traffic, etc. are some of the challenges that are faced in digital advertising. Blockchain provides a solution to these challenges. Given that most of the businesses are going digital, blockchain is a necessity for companies on small scale as well as a large scale.

Meanwhile, DevOps is something that helps in the digitization of businesses. Blockchain and DevOps go hand in hand when it comes to establishing a secure digital transition of an enterprise.

Cybersecurity is a branch of computer science that offers defense against attacks on computer operating systems, networks, and servers. Coupled with DevOps, cybersecurity aids in the smooth running of businesses that are dependent on online and digital operations.

A career in blockchain, DevOps, and cybersecurity are interconnected. Blockchain and cybersecurity require DevOps to operate. Therefore, a career in DevOps builds careers in the other two.

5 Things to Know Before Starting a DevOps Career

Before you enter the field of DevOps, there are a few things that must be adhered to as a fresher. DevOps plays an essential role in existing businesses and the ones that are to arise in the future. An understanding of DevOps will help in a more convenient entry into the industry. Here are 5 things that you must know before starting a career in DevOps –

  • A thorough understanding of DevOps
  • Knowledge of the technologies involved
  • Role of automation in DevOps
  • Scope of DevOps
  • Education required for a career in DevOps


The fundamental goal of DevOps is known to be collaboration which ensures the delivery of a commonly accepted framework. It is also time-saving and helps cut down the budget for organizations at different levels. DevOps forms a base for many businesses and provides a vast range of career options. Various kinds of skill sets are required at different levels of responsibilities carried out by DevOps professionals.

DevOps Career with Ethans

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