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Data Scientist Salary in India And The Factors That Affect Them

Professional or career-oriented courses have a certain commercial value attached to them. A data science course in Pune, one of the most in-demand amongst IT aspirants, isn’t an exception. Thus, while factors like the course’s quality and curriculum hold relevance, what also matters to students is the salary they would draw after the course. 

Accordingly, how much do data scientists in India earn or what is the real salary of a data scientist are a couple of common questions students ask us. If you also are wondering about it, we consider it imperative to answer the question. So, here’s more to data scientist salary in India and factors that matter.

What is Data Science?

Data has emerged and evolved into one of the most valuable assets for every business. Today, every contemporary organization relies on data for strategies, decision-making, and growth. 

However, data proves useful only when you process and structure to derive sense from it. This is where data science comes into play. It deals with extracting valuable insights and knowledge from data. Data science blends various mathematical, statistical, domain-based, and computer science techniques to analyze and interpret massive data volumes and complex datasets. 

As a sector, data science is a burgeoning one, projected to surpass the USD 500 billion mark by early next decade! Thus, while data is valuable, the ability to process and analyze it to drive value is priceless. Accordingly, your decision to pursue a data science course in Pune isn’t merely right but visionary.

However, what do data scientists do, and what value do they offer to their employers or clients? Let’s overview some of the data scientist roles and responsibilities.

Data Scientists – What Do They Do?

Data scientists gather, analyze, and interpret massive data volumes to derive valuable insights. They apply various skills, including but not limited to mathematics, statistics, and those related to programming to analyze and interpret the available data. Companies look up to data scientists as the latter provide useful information concerning consumer behavior, patterns, trends, etc. The insights they provide support informed decision- and strategy-making.

Data scientists perform numerous functions. Primary ones include the following. 

  • Data Extraction: Fetch useful data from multiple sources.
  • Data Cleansing: Remove irrelevant data and prepare it for processing
  • Data Processing: Process the data via various approaches via analytics, ML, predictive models, etc., to derive valuable insights.
  • Data Visualization: Present the data in an easy yet coherent format.

The value data scientists provide qualifies them for a handsome salary package. So, let’s move to the core discussion – data scientist salary in India

Data Scientist Salary in India

Data scientists are amongst India’s highest-paid professionals. All thanks to the most valuable element with which they deal – data. As for data scientist salary, you will find multiple figures associated with it. However, we’ve taken an approximate average for varying experience ranges in the following table.

   Experience Annual Approximate Salary Range

Fresher to 2 years

Rs. 6-9 lakhs
2 years – 4 years

Rs. 9-10 lakhs

4 years – 6 years

Rs. 10-12 lakhs

6 years – 8 years

Rs. 12-14 lakhs

8 years – 10 years

Rs. 14-16 lakhs

Data scientists with over a decade of experience can demand a higher salary. However, data scientist salary in India depends on various factors like the employer’s paying capacity, projects on hand, the value of certification, extent of knowledge, current market situation, and many others.

Speaking of cities, data scientist’s average annual salary range in Pune is between Rs. 9 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

Note: The above serves only as a reference. The actual salary figure in your case may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. 

Factors that Matter While Eyeing Remunerative Data Science Career Opportunities

While everyone intends to receive a high-salary package for their attributes and knowledge, a few factors matter while expecting a high remuneration.

  • Data Science Course: The data science course in Pune you choose is the most important factor. It includes the course curriculum, its competence, and comprehensiveness. The more you learn from the course, the broader your career opportunities. Hence, you should always evaluate the course curriculum and get it reviewed by a data science expert you know to assess its competence and practical value. 
  • Institute’s Reputation: Institutes also play a crucial role. Factors like the institute’s credibility, reputation, student feedback, quality of trainers, pedagogy, placement opportunities, industry tie-ups, associations, etc., matter while making you a learned data scientist.
  • Practical Exposure: Whether you choose a data science course for beginners or an advanced one, the practical exposure the curriculum provides also determines your commercial worth as a data scientist.
  • Industry Understanding: Your understanding of the industry that you gather during the course also holds relevance. That’s because professional courses aren’t meant to impart merely academic knowledge but also prepare students for industry challenges.
  • Certificate Value: The weightage of the certificate your institute provides you is another crucial aspect. Accordingly, you should choose only institutes with globally accepted and recognized certificates.
  • Level of Placements: Lastly, the level of placements also matters. The type of placement associations and the quality of companies tied up as an employer play a crucial role in determining your salary as a data scientist. 

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