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Tableau Developer: How to Become, A Brief Introduction

Tableau Developer: How to Become, A Brief Introduction


Are you the only one who’s inclined to be a tableau developer?  It is one of the most desired jobs in the business intelligence industry. So, to make you aware of what all is needed to become a Tableau developer.

What do you mean by Tableau? 

Tableau is an effective and quickest developing data visualization tool used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It enables simplifying raw data in a completely effortlessly understandable format. Tableau allows creating data that may be understood through professionals at any level in an organization. It also permits non-technical customers to create customized dashboards.

Tableau developer is an expert who creates solutions with the resource of data visualization to enhance business processes. This job comprises numerous tasks which include however are not limited to working with developers, creating BI dashboards and reports, and deriving insight from data to feedback sessions to better systems. This job is perfect for the ones who’ve strong business acumen, with a math-heavy background and exemplary data warehousing skills.

How does Tableau work? 

  • Tableau can extract data from a database like pdf, excel, text documents, R, Hadoop, Python, or SAS to cloud databases like Flipkart, Google sheet, Netflix, Amazon.
  • The data is dragged off to the data engine of Tableau,  also known as the Tableau desktop. Here, the business analyst works on data, generates a dashboard, and shares it with the consumer, wherein the consumer reads this at the screen known as Tableau Reader. 
  • Data is posted with numerous supported functions like collaboration, models of security, automation, distribution, etc. 
  • In the end, the user can be capable of downloading a visualized data file on emails, desktop, or mobile. (understand the basics and sorts of Data Visualization in Business Analytics).

Why use Tableau? 

  • Bring Multiple Data Sources Into One Single Point Of Truth- If you have data in Excel and Access, and SQL Databases, and cloud-based applications, like Salesforce, Tableau can bring all of these collectively in only some clicks. No code is required.  This is one of the Tableau makes use of that enables you to see the business holistically and have one definitive source for all business reporting.
  • Perform Basic ETL Operations Quickly- One of the best Tableau makes use of is performing basic ETL operations fast! If you want to convert data to get it into the layout you want, Tableau can do that right away with their automated data reshaper tool. Again, in just a few clicks, you may split fields, concatenate fields, join concatenated or calculated fields, eliminate white space and headers, change data formats.  What might take a SQL coder numerous minutes to write down code for, or a business individual using Excel a day to do, can now be done in seconds
  • Provide beautiful dashboards & reports- One of the uses of Tableau software that we individually love is its visible features. Visual best practices are constructed, so even in case your end users recognize little about the way to present data effectively, Tableau can move a long way automatically to support making sure reports are both informative and eye-catching, and present data in a comprehensible manner.
  • Automate Reporting- One of the uses of Tableau software is automatic reporting. You can effortlessly construct a report, then set it to point at a sure data set, have that data automatically refresh, and also you never need to contact it again. Set it and genuinely see insights and act on them.  No code, no extra time, no extra conferences needed.

 Future & scope of Tableau: 

One reason why tableau stands out among the BI tools is that there’s a huge variety of alternatives in terms of connectivity-starting from spreadsheets, databases, and even Big Data. Plus, you could access warehouses, cloud applications like Salesforce, and even connect to cloud databases like Amazon Redshift. Tableau can connect to any data you may likely assume. Apart from this, Tableau is prepared with a Web Data Connector, and it is used to drag API immediately from the web that allows you to connect any preferred data source.

Tableau authorizes business customers to easily and quickly identify precious data in their expansive Hadoop datasets. It eliminates the want for its users to have knowledge of query languages that makes attractive data more possible for stakeholders.

 Who are Tableau Developers? 

Tableau Developer is the individual that plays data visualization, data analysis, and business intelligence processes of the company using the Tableau Platform. As its name suggests, Tableau developer develops, maintains, and manage a BI system by using Tableau software. It is one of the in-demand skills as more and more organizations are thinking about data analytics as a priority.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Tableau? 

Here are the most important roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer:

  • Creating visualizations for the data extracted with the assist of Tableau
  • Identifying styles and significant insights from data by analyzing it
  • Designing dashboards
  • Managing Tableau Server
  • Managing huge data
  • Twisting SQL queries for enhancing performances
  • Examining glitches in business procedures and resolving them
  • Finding the important thing regions of automation to make the business processes smooth
  • Developing reference documents or reports for the finalized project

What are the tools used by Tableau Developer?

Below are the tools generally used by Tableau Developer:

Tableau Desktop tools: 

  • Web Data Connectors
  • Drawing tools for Tableau
  • Color tool for Tableau
  • Workbook SDK for Tableau
  • Workbook Tools for Tableau

Tableau Server tools: 

  • Portals for Tableau
  • Remote for Tableau
  • Enterprise Deployment for Tableau
  • tabadmin
  • tabcmd
  • VizAlerts
  • TabJolt
  • TabMigrate
  • TabMon

Third-party tools & apps: 

  • Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit
  • Excel Add-In for Reshaping data
  • Tableau Mobile for iPhone
  • Vizable


Tableau is constructed for all varieties of businesses, which include small, medium, and huge enterprises. It also has a thriving and active network behind it. The job market seems promising to Tableau developers and also you too can end up one with relative ease. 

Tableau developers are required to investigate and prepare the data for valuable data visualization. As of now, the companies are running with data-driven approaches. So, go in advance and collect the Tableau skill to start a career as a Tableau Developer.

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