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What is the difference between Angular and Angular Js?

What is the difference between Angular and Angular Js?


In today’s digital landscapes, organizations are continually exploring techniques that can aid them to face this acute competition. Web and mobile programs have turned out to be a basic want and beneficial marketing means for any successful company. To assemble user-friendly programs, frameworks are used.

Amongst the great javascript frameworks, Angular and Angular js are the most famous frameworks used for front-stop internet development. Before answering what is the difference between Angular and AngularJS, allow us to observe its approaches.

What is Angular? 

Angular is an open-source, JavaScript framework written in TypeScript. Google keeps it, and its primary purpose is to develop single-web page applications. As a framework, Angular has clear benefits while also offering a well-known structure for developers to work with. It allows customers to create massive applications in a maintainable manner.

Features of Angular? 

Angular is among the most effective JavaScript web frameworks out there, all thanks to its huge variety of functions. The leading JS web framework enables the development of modern and high-performance applications and also makes the development manner easier. Here are the most excellent functions of Angular which you should understand:


  • Cross-platform-With Angular, you can’t only create stunning UIs for web applications however also for local cellular applications in addition to desktop applications. Also, the framework is available inaccessible in case you need to expand applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


  • Makes use of typescript-Angular uses TypeScript, that’s higher than JavaScript because of the fact that it is a statically-typed language. It means that there could be fewer mistakes at some point in the compile-time because the styles of variables are described beforehand. Also, any piece of JavaScript code is a valid TypeScript code. Moreover, in case you realize JavaScript, studying TypeScript could be pretty easy.


  • Data Blinding- Data binding is a method that allows customers to control web page elements thru a web browser. It employs dynamic HTML and does not require complicated scripting or programming. Data binding is utilized in web pages that consist of interactive components, which include calculators, tutorials, forums, and games. It also permits a higher incremental display of a web page while pages contain a large quantity of data.


  • Testing- Angular makes use of the Jasmine testing framework. The Jasmine framework offers a couple of functionalities to write down exclusive sorts of test cases. Karma is the task-runner for the tests that use a configuration file to set the start-up, reporters, and testing framework.

What is Angular js? 

AngularJS is an open-source Model-View-Controller framework this is just like the JavaScript framework. AngularJS is probably one of the most popular current web frameworks to be had today. This framework is used for developing generally Single Page applications. This framework has been developed through a collection of developers from Google itself.

Features of Angular js: 


  • Architecture- An angular application has been constructed using an MVC architecture that stands for Model View and Controller. It separates the application into 3 components model part, views part, and controller part according to the components of the MVC architecture. Using this, the structure presentation part, logic part, and application data part are split into a separate segment which permits dealing with of application in a very fluent manner.


  • Directive- View of angularJS, mix data from a model into HyperText Markup Language templates. Angular JS directives are used for equal purposes. It tells how to combine data into the HTML template. By using directives, we can offer extra functionality to our angular application. Angular offers a way to create custom directives too.


  • Codeless- A programmer can write less and perform more functionalities with equal code. Filters in angular offer the functionality of writing less do more. The numerous filters in angular are uppercase, lowercase, currency, etc. You can use the filter and effortlessly format the data.


  • Dependency injection- This built-in injection enables in development of the application effortlessly as properly because it is simple to understand. It enables software easier to test. Whenever angular JS discovers which you want a service then it immediately offers an instance for that. It permits you to ask for your dependencies instead of having to go search for them or make it by yourself.

Difference between Angular & Angular Js: 

Maintained by/ Developer  Angular Team at Google and a network of organizations and individuals. Google and a network of people and corporations.
Supported Language  Angular offers support for JavaScript in addition to TypeScript AngularJS supports only JavaScript.
Mobile Development Support One of the excellent characteristics of Angular applications is that they’re mobile-friendly. In other words, Angular applications are completely optimized for mobile browsers. Applications developed with the use of AngularJS aren’t mobile-friendly.
Difficulty Level Learning Angular and using it for front-give-up development is pretty a task as there are numerous rules which you want to follow. Building full-fledged applications require you to build strong expertise in the Angular framework. As in comparison to Angular, it is simpler to study and use AngularJS.
Ease of Managing Projects Angular defines the right structure that you want to observe at the same time as developing an application, Thus, projects created with it are effortlessly manageable. In the case of AngularJS, there’s no want to follow a specific structure. Thus, AngularJS projects are tough to manage, specifically while the projects are huge and complex.
Application Examples Gmail, Upwork, JetBlue, and Wikiwand. Netflix, Lego, IStock, and AngularJS official website.


Angular vs AngularJS is one of the most common comparisons that most JavaScript developers seek. While both are effective JavaScript frameworks developed by Google, they have got certain incredible differences which you want to understand before deciding on any one of them for developing a project.

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