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Most Demanded Course of Ethans Tech: Amazon Web Services

Most Demanded Course of Ethans Tech: Amazon Web Services


AWS being the prime player in the cloud services industry, every organization has started out to undertake the same, no matter the size of the organization.

Ethans Tech designed the AWS training program in a  unique and promising way to achieve the ultimate audience goal. Whether for role change, domain change, better compensation, better organizations, international opportunities, or personal skills development, the program helps accomplish this purpose with a variety of use case-based sessions.

AWS Curriculum at Ethans Tech is curated through the incredibly experienced industry professionals relying on the market requirements. AWS holds 70% of the apportionment of the worldwide cloud computing market. Some of the distinguished organizations, along with Netflix, Kelloggs, Adobe, Airbnb, etc. use AWS as their backbone.

Benefits of doing the course from Ethans Tech: 

  • Various Certification in one Program: AWS Training in Pune provide you with various certificates in one training program and for the AWS course the targeted certificates are as follows:

AWS Practitioner 

AWS Solution Architect 

AWS Solution Developer

  • Associated with Amazon(APN Partners): Ethans Tech is one of the APN partners and is associated with Amazon, and opting for AWS training from Ethan tech will help you get more exposure in the cloud computing platform associated with Amazon.
  • Hands-on Exposure by the industry experts: The course is designed through industry mentors from numerous MNC’s, after considerate discussion and a series of brainstorming sessions. It has been designed to ultimately allow people to effortlessly work in any related IT projects. Our trainer, working on a couple of complicated real-time projects, brings in numerous project-based use cases at AWS training in Pune and we are able to learn AWS services through imposing the ones use cases live. Overall the experience you get is equal to real-time project experience.
  • Job Assistance program: AWS training from Pune at Ethans helps you as they have collaboration with multiple top-notch departments that enables our students in switching their domains and companies. Ethans additionally set up a resume building and grooming consultation for our students, that enables in boosting the credence and of course, the students are added to our placements forum that allows him/her in gaining access to a couple of job references from our massive pool of faculties and strong network and a technical discussion forum can be maintained so that you can sort out your technical queries.


Amazon Web Services is an extensively used secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, content delivery, database storage, and specific functionality to help companies scale and grow. Knowledge at Ethans Tech is imparted through the industry practitioners who train you to leverage AWS services and make the infrastructure scalable and incredibly reliable. Our curriculum is aligned with AWS Cloud Solution Architect Certification Program.

So let’s get started, and put your steps into cloud computing.

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