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10 Short-Term Job-Oriented Courses to Kickstart Your Career

The technology-driven 21st century has redefined careers. Today, merely having a traditional degree doesn’t suffice. You need something more useful. Besides, employers these days focus on the value a particular candidate will bring to the table. Precisely, they seek answers about what a candidate can do rather than scanning the pile of degrees they have! The potential answer is pursuing placement-oriented courses.

Thus, as a new-age job-seeker, you should pursue professional courses that offer immediate jobs and help you build a promising career. So, what options do you have in this regard? Let us look at ten short-term job guarantee courses.

The Significance of Job Guarantee Courses

Technology has changed the dynamics of the job market. What mattered a couple of decades ago or before is gradually turning redundant, making placement-oriented courses the order of the day! But why do employers emphasize having degrees in courses that offer immediate jobs? Here are some significant aspects.

  • Job guarantee courses focus on developing practical skills.
  • They involve learning the latest technologies.
  • They undergo continuous updates and upgrades based on industry changes.
  • Candidates learn what the industry demands from them.
  • The courses transform students or learners into professionals.
  • They also help students develop attributes like professionalism, agility, adaptability, resilience, and the capabilities to do more in less.
  • Job guarantee courses focus on developing a niche technical skill.

For candidates, these job guarantee courses prove advantageous in many ways, including but not limited to the following.

  • Enhance their professional quotient
  • Gain hands-on knowledge and develop technical skills
  • Broaden their network
  • Unlock numerous growth opportunities
  • Develop industry-relevant skills
  • Improve their employability
  • Pave the way to career growth and advancement
  • Augment their employment probability and salaries
  • Increase their confidence and employment relevance

10 Best Job Opportunity Courses – Easy Software Courses to Get a Job!

Which is the best course to get a job? That’s the question many aspirants ask us. Of course, the answer isn’t one but many due to the opportunities available. Accordingly, we’ve discussed ten short-term professional courses that offer immediate jobs based on the market needs. So, let’s learn more about ten easy software courses to get a job.

  • Data Science

Data science is undoubtedly one of the most useful placement-oriented courses on the planet. That’s because data has become more critical to success than ever. It is the new oil. Hence, companies are constantly looking for ways and qualified candidates that will help them leverage data to the highest possible extent.

At Ethan’s, we offer a range of data science-related courses, including a core data science course, machine learning course, artificial intelligence course, Python certification, and Spark and Scala certification course. While all these subject matters will remain in boom for many years, you may choose the one that interests you the most. Our consultants will also help you determine which course is the best for job for you. 

  • Data Analytics

Data Analytics is another area that can help you land a job immediately after the course. Data is vital to companies. But it proves meaningful and useful when you analyze it and make informed decisions from it. Companies hire data analytics in massive numbers owing to the value they potentially offer through their analytical skills and practical knowledge of various data analytical technologies. 

Thus, our comprehensive data analytics course involves learning data handling techniques, SQL, Excel, Tableau, Python, Alteryx, Power BI, data visualization, etc.

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud is here to stay and thus the future of the business world. It is projected to create up to two million jobs by 2025 in India. Hence, it is another on this list of best job opportunity courses. So, why not pursue cloud computing courses and secure your future by having what the industry wants? 

Our cloud computing courses include AWS certification, Salesforce course, Microsoft Azure course, GCP certification course, and Java Microservices course. Abundant practical industry exposure and learning from experts that our cloud courses offer will help you transform into a learned cloud professional! 

  • Automation Testing

Did you know automation testers may get paid up to Rs. 8-9 lakhs* annually? Yes! Besides, automation is growing by the day and becoming an all-pervasive technology. Hence, being a trained automation testing professional can help you get a remunerative job with a reputed employer. So, as a candidate looking for job guarantee courses, you should look at automation testing as a potential option.

At Ethans, we offer a range of automation testing courses that offer immediate jobs. The options include Selenium certification course, automation testing course, RPA training course, continuous testing DevOps course, and ISTQB certification course. 

  • DevOps

With an annual salary amount reaching up to Rs. 8 lakhs* and a market size that will fare near the USD 13 billion mark by 2025, DevOps stands as a potentially solid career option. 

DevOps blends practices, cultural philosophies, and tools that augment an organization’s potential to deliver quicker and better. Thus, companies of varying sizes constantly look for qualified DevOps specialists. So, would you like to be one among them?

Ethans’s array of DevOps courses includes a DevOps certification course, Docker certification, Kubernetes, AWS-certified SysOps course, and AZ400 DevOps certification course. These best job opportunity courses can add value to your career!

  • Cybersecurity

Did you know approximately 28,000-30,000 websites are hacked every day? Yet, even by 2025, cybersecurity would have over three million unfilled positions!

Cyber threats are persistent and growing at an alarming rate. While that’s unfortunate, it is an ongoing battle and at the same time, a lucrative career option. Hence, pursuing cybersecurity courses that offer immediate jobs can help you enhance your value proposition as a job-seeking candidate!

So, you can benefit from Ethans’s various job guarantee courses in cybersecurity, including the CyberDefender certification course, CompTIA Security Plus course, and certified ethical hacking course to increase employment potential.  

  • Web Development

Websites have become more significant than ever, especially in the digital environment in which the world operates. That makes the role of web developers even more significant. Web developers work on various critical aspects like user navigation, interactions, server scripts, web hosting, resolving cross-browser and cross-platform issues, etc. 

Web development involves learning various technologies, each of which has a unique importance associated with it. Accordingly, our web development courses include Angular certification, ReactJS certification, and MERN certification.

  • Blockchain

Of course, how can we forget blockchain while talking about the best job opportunity courses? Blockchain is transforming every industry as much as the BFSI sector. It has entered spaces like real estate, healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and many others.

Technically, blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger facilitating recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. With benefits like end-to-end visibility, traceability, enhanced transparency, minimized frauds, etc., blockchain will be on the to-do list of most companies in the future.

  • Full Stack Development

Amidst the age of financial crunch and in an environment where companies want to do more in less, the need for full-stack developers is inevitable. Why? Full-stack developers are two-in-one professionals handling the front and back end of a website or an application. Since full-stack developers are in perpetual demand, you may look at it as one of the potential job guarantee courses.

  • Product Management

Launching a product is a gamble and carries a significant amount of risk. However, while there’s always some uncertainty with every product, companies can minimize associated risks and increase the probability of their product’s success with a qualified product manager. These are professionals who can direct companies in the journey of product development with guidance and insights setting the product’s success trajectory. Thus, as someone wondering which course is the best for the job, you may also consider product management as a potential career alternative.

So that was about some placement-oriented courses to help you kickstart your career. Connect with Ethans if you plan to pursue courses across data science, web development, data analytics, cybersecurity, etc. Our consultants will navigate you through our job guarantee courses and help you identify which course is the best for your job in your context. Speak to our counselors at +91 95133 92223 to discover more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What are short-term job-oriented courses?

A: Short-term job-oriented courses are specialized training programs designed to impart practical skills and knowledge within a short duration, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months. These courses aim to equip individuals with specific competencies required for various job roles.

Q: How can short-term courses benefit my career?

A: Short-term courses provide a quick way to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones, making you more attractive to employers. They are designed to align with industry needs, helping you secure a job faster or advance in your current role.

Q: Are these courses recognized by employers?

A: Many short-term courses are recognized and respected by employers, especially if they are offered by reputable institutions or industry-recognized organizations. It’s important to research and choose courses that have credibility in the job market.

Q: Can I pursue a short-term course alongside my current job or studies?

A: Yes, most short-term courses are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to balance your studies or work commitments. You can often choose part-time, online, or weekend classes to accommodate your schedule.

Q: Which industries offer the most job opportunities for graduates of short-term courses?

A: Short-term courses cater to a wide range of industries, including IT, healthcare, digital marketing, finance, hospitality, design, and more. The key is to choose a course aligned with your career interests and the industry’s current demand.

Q: How do I select the right short-term course for my career goals?

A: Consider your interests, skills, and the industry you want to work in. Research courses related to those aspects and assess their curriculum, industry relevance, faculty expertise, and alumni success. Choose a course that aligns well with your career aspirations.

Q: Are there online platforms offering short-term courses?

A: Yes, there are numerous online learning platforms that offer a wide array of short-term courses. Platforms like Ethan’s Tech, Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Khan Academy provide access to courses across various domains, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

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