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“Google Cloud Platform, Why Does this Course Have Higher Demand in the IT Sector

Google Cloud Platform, Why Does this Course Have Higher Demand in the IT Sector ?


Every system, each web page, and each application desires to be set up on a server – a bit of computer hardware that makes it feasible to run services anywhere. Depending on the needs, organizations go for different solutions: hosting, a digital personal server, and own physical server, or computing cloud services.

Google has advanced and recommend a strong value proposition that has momentum in its favor. Whether you’re making plans to start your business on the cloud or assessing emigrate out of your current cloud strategy, right here are the benefits that assist to consider Google Cloud Platform for your business.

Taking complete benefit of any cloud transition means selecting services that not only provide rich functionality, however, are even secure, affordable, and easy to use. Google Cloud meets those requirements.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a portfolio of cloud computing services that grew across the initial Google App Engine framework for hosting web programs from Google’s data centers. Since the release of Google App Engine in 2008, GCP has grown into one of the most suitable cloud computing platforms in the market, though it still trails Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in terms of market share. That said, Google maintains to keep its own in the cloud wars and keeps making investments in GCP to make it competitive with other public cloud providers, and more appealing to massive customers.

In this blog, we are going to understand the course Google Cloud Platform (GCP), what importance it holds? advantages and disadvantages and many more.

So let’s look into it,

What is Google Cloud Platform(GCP)?

Google Cloud (also called Google Cloud Platform or GCP) is an issuer of computing resources for developing, deploying, and operating packages on the Web. Although its cloud infrastructure does serve as the host for applications including Google Workplace (formerly G Suite, and before that Google Apps), GCP is particularly a service for constructing and keeping authentic applications, which may also then be posted through the Web from its hyper scale data center facilities.

Google’s cloud platform offers dependable and surprisingly scalable cloud computing services to its users. These services assist customers to compute and store data and assist Google Cloud developers to build, test and setting up apps. Google cloud platform covers application, storage, and cloud computing services for backend, mobile, and web solutions the usage of the internet. More than 4 million apps trust and use the platform.

GCP’s wide variety of services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) options. Google separates those services into categories. For example: compute, storage & databases, networking, and more. You can integrate services to personalize your cloud environment.

The Google Cloud suite enables businesses to manage computing, networking, big data, storage, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. Google Cloud Platform gives numerous categories of services:

  1. Cloud Storage: Google Cloud gives a complete variety of storage services. Cloud Storage offers scalable, large-capacity data storage. Cloud Datastore and Cloud Bigtable are alternatives for handling NoSQL data storage, even as Cloud SQL sustains MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.
  2. Computing and Hosting: Google Cloud offers you alternatives for computing and hosting depending on how much responsibility you need to keep (or let Google handle). You can select to work in a server-less environment, use a controlled application platform, leverage container technology or construct your very own cloud-based infrastructure.
  3. Networking: Google’s networking services assist you to connect your present network to Google’s network, load-balance traffic, create DNS records, and more.
  4. Big Data: Google stands out from other cloud vendors in terms of big data. Google’s big data services allow you to process and question tremendous amounts of data in the cloud and get solutions fast. Some of Google’s most important products consist of BigQuery for data analysis, Cloud Dataflow for batch and streaming data processing, and Cloud Pub/Sub for asynchronous messaging.
  5. Machine Learning:  GCP gives effective machine learning services. You can construct and train your very own large-scale models or use Google’s pre-trained models optimized for particular applications.

Importance of  Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP has seemed like the third-largest Cloud Service Provider (CSP) behind Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure. The main motives for one to choose GCP over other CSPs are below:

  1. Scalability: One of the fundamental drawbacks of cloud computing is downscaling. But GCP offers excessive ease in up and downscaling.
  2. Pricing: Google gives GCP offerings at a very great price in the cloud market, as compared to its competitors. Google gives four important key elements in its pricing philosophy. 

– Sub-hour Billing: Billing is made only for a specific requested time. For example, if a provider is asked for half an hour, GCP doesn’t round it to the following hour, in contrast to other CSPs. Instead, billing is made only for half an hour.

– Sustained use Discount: Google offers an increasing discount of 25% if we use it in sustained use of computing resources, instead of the use of it for a temporary purpose.

– Custom Machine Type: GCP helps you to dial in the genuine quantity of CPU power and memory wanted for your software and get billed accordingly. Up to 15% of the cost can be stored by this method.

– Preemptible Instances: If the system is constructed with fault tolerance, it is able to actually permit other systems, decreasing the cost.

  1. Integrated Services: You can use numerous APIs, AI and ML, IoT, Compute engine, Databases, Big Data analytics, Developer tools, Security, Storage simultaneously.
  2. Quick Collaboration: GCP permits quick collaboration for all customers. Multiple customers can get entry to and edit the tasks at the same time.
  3. Serverless computing: It is a cloud-computing execution model wherein CSP runs the server and dynamically manages resource allocation. So, the pricing can be based on the real amount of resources consumed through the software instead of the pre-purchased quantity of resources.

Advantages of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  1. Higher Productivity owing to Quick Access to Innovation: Google’s systems can supply updates effectively and on a weekly basis.
  2. Less Disruption When Users Adopt New Functionality: Rather than huge disruptive batches of change, Google offers possible improvements in a continuous stream.
  3. Employees Can Work from Anywhere: They can benefit from complete access to data throughout devices from anywhere in the globe via web-based apps powered by Google cloud.
  4. Google Cloud Allows Quick Collaboration: Many customers can make contributions to and access tasks at the same time as data is saved in the cloud rather than their computers.
  5. Google’s Investments in Security Protect Customers: Customers advantage from process-based and physical security investments made through Google. Google hires leading safety experts.

Google Cloud Platform certifications

Google Cloud Platform or GCP certification is the most famous certification that has been desired by each expert to perform a higher job position and job promoting of their career. It has helped the present-day youth secure their dream job in well-established organizations wherein there are probabilities of higher career growth. The job applicant with the information of GCP certification gains higher benefits and possibilities than others. Therefore GCP is the best certification that each techie student or expert should try for.

While GCP is designed to be user-friendly, certain Google Cloud Platform certifications permit you to work greater efficiently, show technical expertise, and enhance your career. There are 3 primary tracks:

  1. Associate Certifications – The Associate Google Cloud Certification is an Engineer level certification that can be taken by students and experts who had less or no information about the topic. This certification will provide them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and abilities for the Google-based Cloud Computing process. This certification is the base level certification, and after that other professional courses can be taken after you have certified on this course. This certification guarantees that the attendees have the specified abilities in the command line and will deploy, monitor, control, and control solutions and services on the cloud computing process.

This track is task-orientated and meant for cloud beginners to get their feet moist with core Google Cloud Platform technology. This certification can open doors to new professional-level certifications and opportunities.

  1. Professional Certifications – The Professional Cloud Certification is the second level certification that enables in development and, after that, testing the information and skills of the attendees in advanced architectural design. The numerous implementation skills based on the job position are improved during the certification process of learning, and the final exam facilitates in figuring out the level of gains and skills which have been received by the experts and students throughout the course period.

If you’ve been in the industry for some years, you may need to remember hands-on Google Cloud Platform courses. You’ll benefit from advanced design and implementation skills based on the job/position you have (or desire to have). Tracks include cloud architecture, data engineering, cloud development, cloud network engineering – and beyond.

  1. G Suite Certification – G Suite Google Certification is supposed to access the ability of the applicants in the use of core tools and services of Google in the cloud computing process. The obligatory requirement of this certification is to have the skills to collaborate with colleagues using cloud-based tools which might be supplied by Google, which includes emails, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other online assets for making effective communication.

With this track, Google Cloud Platform expands its reach to everybody using G Suite. For example, project managers and executive assistants who want to apply the core G Suite tools and services frequently would gain from this Google Cloud Platform certification.

Why is the GCP Certification Important?

Google Cloud Platform, as the name suggests, is fabricated from Google, which has supported the change and development of the world. The upcoming of Google 20 years earlier marked the start of a brand new age of revolution, which ended the boundaries to share information and knowledge. Google helped in crossing political, cultural, and social obstacles to deliver authenticity before the people. Now, Google is facilitating the process of learning and development of an information system.

This has not only expanded the pace of information sharing but also brought down the costs of learning the brand-new age technology. Google had moved far ahead of the competition that existed between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Today the GCP by Google has been utilized by the majority of the Fortune 500 organizations due to its ease, availability, comfortability, and introduced features that assist the data recording, processing, updating, and evaluation process.

This is the purpose the students and experts from around the world decide on GCP certification because it has to turn out to be the preference of reputed organizations who can provide higher remuneration and job stability in the present-day global wherein job markets are dealing with complete chaos.


The GCP certification is supposed to verify that the candidate has the technical skills, knowledge, and technological knowledge in the area of cloud computing. It will assist in achieving better job positions and higher remuneration in well-reputed organizations. Although the procedure of learning and getting certification for GCP requires overall dedication from the attendees, after the successful completion and course attainment, it turns easier to get a well-deserving job when the job markets are in a state of chaos.

Now is the right time to learn Google Cloud Platform because the demand and recognition of GCP are growing amongst SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) at a very speedy rate. Its adoption simplifies things and also makes them more stable at the best costs. There are numerous job profiles open for experts with GCP knowledge. 

All you need to do is, join yourself with the best GCP training center like Ethan’s Tech and get set to turn out to be the first generation leader of Google Cloud Platform Services.

For more details, feel free to contact us regarding your course. 

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