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Cloud Architect Salary in India [2023] – Ethans Tech

Cloud Architect Salary in India [2023] – Ethans Tech

One of the heaviest profile in cloud computing is that of ‘The Architect’. As intimidating as it may sound, this blog is an outline of everything you would want to know about the remunerations of working as a cloud architect for a fresher and an experienced professional.

What is a Cloud Architect?

Cloud Architect is a professional equipped with knowledge responsible for converting the technical requirements in designing and implementing cloud computing as a final product. The Architect’s key responsibility is to bridge the gap between the complicated business problems and solutions with superior technologies or a set of technologies that drive the cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Computing Architecture is the umbrella term for integral and immersive components for cloud computing. The integrals usually consist of front end and back end platforms, a cloud-based delivery system and a cloud network.

Cloud Architect Career Paths

A cloud solutions architect is equipped with different job profiles; under the term, Cloud Architect, the profiles of development operations manager. Development engineers know the operational problems and technologies in detail and have a responsibility to research and observe operating systems and record data. They need to define operating goals, set project objectives and establish operational solutions through the definition, analysis, estimation and screening of alternative solutions. A Cloud Architects Median pay falls in the bracket of 405k to 3M, from entry-level to an experienced professional.

After DevOps Engineer, the somewhat familiar job profiles including Sr. DevOps Manager, Software Development Engineer, Build and Release Engineer.

Senior DevOps Manager works with senior management to help implement the organisation’s strategy and address the most complex technical challenges of a company.

In developing and developing internet, smartphone and software apps, Software Engineers and Developers also work on particular devices such as computer and mobile devices. They often use several programming languages to operate networks, databases and operating systems.

Build and Release Engineers are specialised in software products and implementations management, documentation and enhancement of an enterprise. They are responsible for the supervision and timely release of applications for organisations, and they can handle the production to execution software delivery process.

Cloud Architect Career Paths


Skills & Qualifications for Cloud Architect?

If you are an aspirant for becoming an Architect for Cloud Computing, ideally, you would already have a solid background in cloud computing or a related technological field when. You are definitely on the right track, whether you are familiar with most or at least some of the following principles. Otherwise, before you address the position of the cloud architect, an initial study or work in these areas is suggested.

Here are the skills and qualifications required to become a Cloud Architect:

    • As an aspirant Cloud Architect position, you have extensive knowledge of at least one operating system like Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows. Any Linux operating devices (for example, Ubuntu or Red Hat) are preferred. Still, it also helps to have previous experience with one of the most common systems as an Administrator or Architect.
    • It is important to have a Networking understanding of TCP/IP, IP, HTTP, DNS. It is recommended that, before playing a role as a cloud architect, you know these principles.
    • As an aspirant of a Cloud architect profile, you need to know a programming or scripting language at least to a minimum. Possibly this isn’t a must, but it certainly helps give your profile a strong boost.
    • Cloud security is critical, and therefore, it is necessary for a cloud architect to have a high-level understanding of essential security concepts. An initial version of certain fundamental safety principles, including firewalls, is required.
    • The use of databases by any software architect should be known and understood. You’ll need to compare different capabilities, performance and pricing from basic but powerful bucket storage to Relational Database Service to complete clusters and choose the most suitable way to store some or all of your company’s information.
    • Communication and comprehension of your vision to software developers, managers and fellow architects will often bridge the gap between great architectural design and its implementation. You will have to learn how to articulate your ideas through letters, papers, and presentations so that your team can persuade you of the best approach. Work on your capacities in production, learn how to write and use a diagramming tool to display complex environments. Ten slides with 20 ballot points each are superior to a single diagram.

Cloud Architect Duties and Responsibilities

Organisations face the need to adapt their processes and technologies to meet emergent business needs in a rapidly evolving technology setting. This digital transformation requires unique skill and a range of activities to bring business attention to technological solutions.

    • To find the best technology solution for solving the current business challenges among everyone.
    • To have a description of project participants’ software structure, attributes, behaviours and other aspects.
    • To set the specifications for functions, phases and solutions.
    • To get the specification for defining, managing, and delivering the solution.
    • Translate projects in a cloud structure that meets these requirements and takes into account project needs
    • The holistic design of the cloud environment ensuring that it fulfils all the requirements of the organisation.
    • Deploy, maintain, track, and handle activities in this cloud structure implemented.
    • Maintaining cloud security
    • To complete implementation into the cloud environment of new software.
    • To work with business customers to identify their needs and incorporate cloud solutions that address these requirements.
    • Keep the use of the cloud space to make sure that the structure works completely.
    • To migrate and put tools and other components into the cloud where possible.
    • To work with virtualisation technology to achieve business efficient server management.

Cloud Architect Engineer Duties and Responsibilities Include:

Cloud architect-engineer has the key responsibilities of Cloud-based applications planning, design and development. Cloud environments are managed according to company safety instructions. Depending on the best practices, the deployment and debugging of cloud projects during the growth cycle.

    • To work with our tech team to find and develop the best options for the business in the cloud.
    • To implement Cloud-based applications planning, design and development.
    • Cloud environments are managed according to company safety instructions.
    • Depend on the best practices, the deployment and debugging of cloud projects during the growth cycle.
    • Training teams to introduce new cloud-based initiatives and provide training on request.
    • Use extraordinary problem-solving capabilities that can look and resolve problems before snowball becomes a problem.
    • Use your comprehensive API knowledge to design and integrate RESTful services with current data providers using JSON or XML if necessary.
    • Lead the big cloud engineer’s team and build best practices.
    • To create and develop online services and integrating geographically redundant services in the cloud.
    • To make Cloud-based systems for orchestration and automation throughout the business.
    • Keep up to date with industry developments and make suggestions to help the business innovate and excellence as required.

Average Cloud Architect Salary in India

Average Cloud Architect Salary in India


A Cloud Architect is responsible for changing the architecture and plan, which will affect the actual results over the specialised conditions of an enterprise. Cloud Architect is an IT specialist who creates a registration system for an enterprise.

This approach combines the collection of cloud plans, the configuration of cloud applications, and observation. Extra tasks include application design assistance and cloud sending. Average Cloud Architect Salary in India starts at(INR) 1,788,577/- according to Payscale Average Cloud Solutions Architect Salary in India. This is only the entry-level remunerations; your salary increases by 94% when you master your way to the top.

Parameters Affects Cloud Architect Salary in India

Some of the parameters that could affect the Cloud Architect’s Salary in India comes with experience, Projects you have finished, your geographical location, any tie-ups with multinational companies for prior projects that could significantly boost your salary.

Here are a few key parameters that affect the Cloud Architect salaries in India:

    • You have gained experience working under the industry professional, as a team lead architect, or even as an intermediate-level employee for previous projects.
    • Any past projects you may have completed that give your profile a substantial boost and extensive knowledge can significantly affect your salary.
    • Your geographical location, as tier I, II cities, will reimburse you better. Being in a city that is a hub of multinational IT companies dramatically increases your chances of getting a higher pay scale as it will increase the competitions, and every company will want to hire you, given your experience.
    • Your prior tie-ups to any multinational companies for projects where you were the senior cloud architect could affect your salary payscale greatly.

1. Experience Affects Cloud Architect Salaries

Experience Affects Cloud Architect Salaries


The experience in any field affects the pay scale of an individual greatly. The compensation for a solution architect may differ from entry-level to senior-level based on a person’s years of experience. As part of their survey data, which are focused on variables such as expertise, sophistication, interactions and environmental factors, Payscale provides data on how experience influences overall compensation.

Experienced: An experienced professional with 10-19 years of portfolio can earn up to  ₹2,282,083 based on 173 salaries. This can be subjected to change according to every individual and their personal growth over the years.

Mid-Career: An annual cumulative salary of 1,538,063 cash on 65 wages is earned by a mid-career Cloud Solutions Architect with 5-9 years of experience. This compensation can significantly change by factors affecting the individual’s growth and portfolio value.

Early Career: An Early career individual who is just starting their career in cloud architecture, equipped with knowledge and industry analysis will earn a compensation of ₹595,976 based on 63 salaries with a total experience of 1-4 years.

Entry Level: Cloud Solutions Architect with less than one year’s experience should expect to receive an overall gross salary of ₹404,521 on a 24-month basis. An entry-level cloud architect though young, comes with his set of regulations for languages the individual learnt.

Late-Career – Throughout late careers, cloud architects receive average gross pay of ₹3,470,503 over 20 years. Their end of professional salaries can reach a great height considering their experience and the huge impact on the industry.

2. Skills That Affect Cloud Architect Salaries In India

Skills that can affect your salary as a Cloud Architect include a dedicated, certified course from organisations like google can take your career to heights significantly fewer cloud architects have reached. You could pursue numerous certifications after your post-graduation that could help you with tipping the scales in your favour.

Some of the skills that significantly affect your salary are Software architecture, BigData Analytics, System Architecture, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Cloud Computing, Enterprise solutions, Development operations, Network Architecture designs. These skills will enhance your profile and help you get the preference over other individuals.

The more skills you upgrade, the better your profile gets; the digital transformation industry keeps on moving forward, and with that, so should your profile as a cloud architect.

3. Cloud Architect Pay Difference by Location in India

Cloud Architect Pay Difference by Location in India

Your geographical locations will affect your salary as a Cloyd Architect. As the Information technology hubs incorporated in a city will have tougher competitions to hire individuals with great knowledge and skills, the take-home pay scale spectrum can be a lot different from that of a Cloud Architect from a location that does not have IT hubs located in the city.

Karnataka earns an average of 16.0% higher than the national average for employees with Cloud Solutions Architects in their work title in Bangalore. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, these names are still above average wages (11.8 percent more). In Mumbai (45.1% less), Noida, Uttar Pradesh (17.6% less) and Pune, Maharashtra, the lowest wage is found (12.9 percent less). These statistics are according to the survey data of Payscale.

4. Cloud Architect Salaries by Employer

Cloud Solutions Architect’s top work candidates come from the IBM India Private Limited companies along with leaders Wipro Technologies Ltd. and industry giant Accenture Technology Solutions companies. Wipro Technologies Ltd., with an annual salary of ₹3,096,774, is the highest.

IBM India Private Limited, as well as Accenture Technology Solutions, which earn approximately  ₹2,543,412 and ₹2,400,000,  respective, are additionally providing high wages for this job. At approximately ₹450,000,a the cognizant pays the least. Amazon.com Inc. and Ericsson Inc. pay ₹1,462,500 and ₹1,550,000, respectively, to be paid at the lower end of the scale.

It is important to choose your employer practically and keeping in mind your own vision of your career, your growth aspects as an individual working in an IT company.

5. Other Parameters Affect Cloud Architect Salaries

While a cloud architect expects to earn Rs 5,000,000 an annual salary in India, only 1 percent of India’s total cloud architects receive such a high level of pay. This could also be because salaries in this range rely upon experience, and in the country, there won’t be enough applicants with such extensive experience.

However, approximately 10% of the total cloud architects who work in this capacity have an average annual pay of around Rs 3500,000. So, as you gain more experience as a cloud architect, your salary is very obviously growing.

These are some of the other parameters that could affect Cloud Architect Salary.

    • Different job roles under the umbrella term Cloud Architect could affect your compensation.
    • If you are an associate Cloud Architect at the lower level, your remunerations can vary from Rs 1,600,000 per annum.
    • Qualifications based on certifications after your graduate and postgraduate degree will give you a stronghold over other individuals.
    • Reputed recruiter recommendations can work for you that will make you a preferred candidate for the profile.
    • An internship at the start of your career with an industry professional can boost your profile immeasurably.

 What Are Popular Skills for Cloud Architect?

What Are Popular Skills for Cloud Architect

 The most popular skills for a Cloud Architect include Cloud Computing Microsft Azure, System Architecture and Enterprise Solutions. These skills will ensure an above-average market salary for any individual equipped and mastered in these particular skills.

Machine learning and Ai, along with database skills along with collaborative programs offered by CalTech, CTME etc, boost your salary in the spectrum of highest-paid individuals.

Why Should You Become A Cloud Architect?

Cloud architects analyse the needs of an enterprise and prepare a strategy – a plan – that outlines how cloud technology can be used for operational purposes. They are hybrid experts combining technical mastery with state-of-the-art strategy and leadership.

The cloud increases, and the wages of cloud experts rise alongside it, on a path that can be very commonly called ‘stratosphere.’ With a low end of 405K INR and a high of ₹2,282,083. It is also a specialist industry that will remain in high demand in the near future as cloud technology progresses, and more and more companies understand that they need someone to help them take advantage of this new technology.

    • Higher Payscale that keeps on increasing as you keep upgrading in the manner of qualifications and experience.
    • Digital transformation is taking the world in the storm; with pandemic on our toes, 90% of IT companies have ramped up their digital transformations opening up more opportunities for Cloud Architects.
    • Business solutions are provided, designed and implemented by a Cloud Architect, which makes the position a necessity.
    • Cloud Architect is the gap between the ideation and implementation of business solutions for different companies.
    • Cloud Architects are the need of Business Solutions, so your profile keeps on getting a boost as much as you work.

Popular Employers for Cloud Architect?

Cloud Solutions Architect is the leading contributor to the job, including IBM India Private Limited with tech giants like Wipro Technologies Ltd. as well as Accenture Technology Solutions firms. Wipro Technologies Ltd., with an average pay of ₹3,096,774, ,highest reported salaries.

IBM India Private Limited and Accenture Technology Solutions have other companies with a high salary ranking, earning around ₹2,543,412 and ₹2,400,000, respectively. At around ₹450,000, Cognizant pays the lowest. In addition, the lower end payment of ₹1,462,500 and ₹1,550 000 also applies to Amazon.com Inc. and Ericsson Inc.

Here is a list of Top 10 Companies providing jobs for Cloud Architects

    1. IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
    2. Wipro Technologies Ltd.
    3. Accenture Technology Solutions
    4. Ericsson Inc.
    5. HCL Technologies Ltd.
    6. com Inc
    7. Cognizant
    8. Microsoft
    9. Oracle
    10. SAP


The popularity of cloud environments is only now increasing. The cloud industry, which we know to be very common in the coming years, will be highly demanded by IT and computer scientists – particularly for architects who can combine these technological abilities with outstanding leading abilities.

Continued training is an essential aspect of the work of a cloud architect. Technology – especially cloud computing – is rapidly changing and the latest innovations can be expected to keep you informed. This does not usually take the form of standardised training programmes, diplomas or advanced courses. It includes reading commercial and technical journals and conferring on other experts in the sector to maintain your expertise up to date. This will keep your profile stronger than other individuals in the stream and give you a stronghold on your pay scale.

Be mindful of the employer, locations and other parameters that greatly affect your salary as Cloud Architect. Before choosing, ensure the practicality of your choice and that the pros are on your side.

As discussed, the pros of becoming a Cloud Architect are stronger than any other profiles in the market. The salary and the experience of a Cloud Architects depend on the factor that will be taken care of at Ethan’s.

Our courses will help you understand the industry secrets, the inner working of the industry and how to become an integral cog of the industry as a cloud architect.


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