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How To Start A Career In AWS?

How To Start A Career In AWS?

Considering a Career in AWS?

Are you looking to take your career graph to next level? Do you want to work with the latest technologies? Want to have a secured job? If you have answered YES to all the questions then you must consider a career in AWS. Naukri.com – an online job portal said they have around 43000 jobs available for AWS professionals, which shows the huge potential of AWS.

The youth of India always stay up-to-date and that is why they know the immense potential of AWS and this is the reason why hundreds of thousands of candidates, as well as working professionals, are enrolling for learning AWS in a reputed professional training institute. All these aspiring candidates know they will have a prosperous career if they learn AWS and have a certification in this niche.

Did you know – according to BusinessWire, the spending on public cloud infrastructure and services is going to get more than double from $229 billion in 2019 to approximately $500 billion by 2023? This represents a CAGR of about 22%. The major areas of investment in the AWS public cloud for the next five-year window of exponential growth will be:

    • Professional services (25.6%)
    • Telecommunications (24.1%)
    • Retail (23.7%)
    • Resource industries (23.3%)
    • Personal and consumer services (23.1%)

Before delving deeper, let us first see what AWS is? According to Wikipedia, Amazon Web Services also known as AWS is a supplementary domain of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms as well as APIs to enterprise organizations, start-ups, individuals, and government organizations. The service is on a metered pay-as-you-go basis which means the more AWS services you will use the more you have to pay. AWS renders cloud computing services in a variety of basic as well as advanced abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and tools.

AWS Certification – Overview

AWS certification is a type of certificate that validates your prowess in AWS. With an AWS certification, a candidate will have the ability to build effective and innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. IT professionals as well as aspiring candidates looking to change their domain can take up AWS certifications to exhibit and prove technical cloud skills and knowledge.

AWS provides different types of certification exams and it varies for cloud engineers, administrators, and architects. Generally, AWS certification lasts for 2-3 years (depends on the type of professional institute) and IT professionals have the chance to recertify their specific certification once it gets expired.

AWS certification has a huge demand these days because top HRs and recruiters are looking for professionals who have AWS certification with them and that too from not an ordinary professional training institute. The reason being these HRs, recruiters, and employers know that the AWS certification from a non-reputed training institute doesn’t hold a candle in front of a professional training institute.

A candidate who has a certification in AWS from a reputed professional institute will know almost everything about AWS but the other candidate will not have their concepts clear – in the long run, they can’t become an asset to an organization but the candidate from a reputed professional training institute will climb the ladder of success quicker than their peers.

Why Are AWS Certifications Important?

AWS certifications are important because they can fast-track your career; for instance, if you are stuck in your current job and looking for opportunities to switch organizations or domains then AWS certification can come in handy. AWS is the market leader in cloud services and if an aspiring candidate is willing to make a name for themselves in this niche then they must have AWS certification.

One of the major importance of having AWS certification is that you can join almost any organization and public and private sector companies will welcome you with open arms and hearts. A statement by HostingTribunal proves that almost 94% of enterprises use the cloud. This statement alone is sufficient to express the importance of AWS certification in the highly competitive world.

Saying all these, now let us see the top 6 reasons why AWS Certifications are important:

    1. Get ready for a rewarding future
    2. Show your commitment
    3. Better pay and position
    4. AWS certifications are reasonable and within reach
    5. Recession-proof career
    6. Enter the top-trending AWS community

How to Start a Career in AWS? 

It would be honest to say that the competition in this niche is very high and that is why it is wise and advisable to have AWS certification before starting a career in AWS. Before starting a career you should have a little or basic knowledge in cloud computing and then you can go for AWS course in Pune to prove your mettle in this domain.

If you have prior knowledge in AWS then it will be a cherry on the top because you can easily learn advanced features about AWS as well as you can clear the certification in a hassle-free manner – but that doesn’t mean that having prior knowledge is compulsory; top professional training institutes will teach you everything about AWS and help you have a prosperous career.

Here are the 7 ways to start a career in AWS

1. Have a Certificate

As we have seen the importance of AWS certification in the earlier sections of the blog – you must possess this if you want to eliminate the competition lying ahead of you. Take AWS certification from a renowned institute so that the certificate has value in the market. Apart from online classes, practice the concepts for at least 2-3 hours per day to sharpen your skills.

2. Build Network for Reputable References

You should start talking to AWS developers and other professionals who are working in this niche. Doing so will enhance your networking skills and you can make more friends who are proficient in AWS. When you have a strong network of AWS professionals you can ask them for references. They might be working in top organizations and they may have vacancies for AWS professionals in their respective companies – they can refer you to join their organizations and if allowed by senior professionals, you can start working together as well.

3. Work on Your Necessary Skills

Apart from having an AWS certificate, it is vital to hone other industry-relevant skills so that you can always stay ahead of the curve. These skills are communication skills, logic development, problem-solving skills, and the ability to understand. When you have polished all these skills – they will work in tandem and help you get placed in the top MNCs of the world; with these skills, you can crack the toughest of interviews and make your dream come alive.

4. Join AWS Community

There are myriads of top AWS community members who share knowledge and tips on AWS via online groups, communities, blogs, and articles; follow them and get your doubts cleared ASAP. These community members are always online so you can ask your queries instantly. They are very helpful and by joining the AWS community you will be able to take help from working professionals who have more than 5 years of experience in this niche.

5. Choose Wisely the AWS Learning Resources

Since AWS certifications were first introduced in 2013, a lot of resources are present online as well as offline that range from books, manuals, courses, AWS practice exams, and AWS communities. All these resources are useful for those aspiring AWS professionals who are seeking to grow or start their career in AWS. However, selecting the most appropriate learning resource material is important since there is a lot to go through. The chances are that some resources are better than others so choose wisely and accordingly. 

6. Build Cloud Portfolio

It is recommended that you must have a cloud portfolio – a cloud portfolio is the collection of everything related to the cloud; it can be online projects, a cloud training program, a case study, or cloud-related skills that will showcase your proficiency in cloud technology. Mention these on your resume and your chances of getting selected in an interview will increase drastically. A cloud portfolio will show your expertise in this domain and help you stay at the top of any competition.

7. Do an Internship

An internship is a direct way of getting into top AWS-related organizations. You might have to work temporarily for free but that’s okay because once you have done an internship from a reputed organization you can show this to a top MNC who are looking for such candidates. The employer will be impressed by seeing your high level of commitment and they will know that you are the one who should be working with them because via internship you have gained hands-on experience in a professional setting and that is pivotal for any company whether it is a start-up or an enterprise organization.

How to Get Jobs in AWS?

To get a job in AWS you have to prove your determination and skill in front of the employer and also, you will have to show your willingness to learn because AWS is ever-expanding and to keep up with the modern industry trends you will have to learn something new every day. Challenge yourself and ask the question – what can I do today to grow as a developer, where can I focus more, what should I do to complete the project soon, and what is the best way to over AWS-related problems? Finding answers to all these questions and challenges will help you to get a job quickly in AWS.

Also, to get a job you should take-yup AWS certification because professional AWS training institutes have tie-ups with various MNCs and organizations that deal with AWS – these professional training institutes maintain a friendly and harmonious relationship with the enterprise organizations so that their students can get placed easily. Also, you should practice more to clear your concepts – once your theoretical and practical approach on AWS is cleared you can get selected in any interview; it is because top employers are searching for candidates who are excellent on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of AWS.

Here are the 4 ways to get a job in AWS

1. Hone Time Management Skills

Time management skills are crucial for every industry so it is recommended to polish your time management skills. Recruiters need candidates who are exceptional in time management skills and can prioritize their tasks.

2. Practice Without Skipping

Practicing AWS concepts is the secret key to get a job in AWS in no time. Never skip practicing and you will see that your interest is getting piqued day by day. Your inclination towards AWS will grow more and your concepts are getting crystal clear every day.

3. Develop Business Acumen

It is pivotal to have business acumen these days because at times you will be asked to give your view or opinion in the official meetings. To grow impressive business acumen, ensure that you have equipped yourself with financial as well as business knowledge required that is required to make informed decisions that can positively impact your company’s ROIs. This is the type of knowledge you can easily gather from self-training and research.

4. Become Intermediate from Beginner

At an initial level, you will be a beginner level AWS programmer who has basic knowledge in this niche; you will have to become an intermediate level programmer if you want to get a job quickly in AWS.

A beginner-level programmer will take time to get selected in an organization but an intermediate or a professional-level programmer can get selected in an interview in no time. You can become a professional or an intermediate-level programmer with a certification in AWS – so choose a professional training institute that is dedicated to your growth and success.

So, now you know how to start a career in AWS as well as how to get a job in this domain. Practice the concepts every day and grow your network to get selected in a reputed organization. Boost all industry-relevant skills and join various AWS communities. Once you have your AWS concepts cleared you will become more confident than ever and thus you can appear in an interview and crack it with your skills and knowledge. Join a renowned professional training institute from where you will get AWS certification that has a huge demand and value in today’s market.

Why Study AWS from Ethan’s Tech?

Ethan’s Tech is a professional training institute that is situated in Pune and Noida and is devoted to make you an AWS professional via providing world-class certification training in AWS. Ethan’s Tech has an awesome roster of instructors and mentors who are industry leaders in AWS. Ethan’s Tech will provide niche technical skills that are pivotal to succeed in any given scenario. With our industry-specific training, you will be able to bridge the gap between theory and practice and then start your career journey in AWS easily.

Join us and get introduced to the world of endless opportunities via quality AWS training. Call us at 076201 82669 for more details on the AWS program.

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