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Is AWS the future of Cloud Computing?

In recent years, organizations across various industries have come to rely on cloud computing. Amazon offers AWS, a comprehensive and user-friendly computing platform. 

Let’s begin by gaining a basic understanding of cloud computing. Data storage and access through the internet don’t need local computer storage. You can access all of your data from a distant server using cloud computing. Businesses relied on buying servers in the early years of 2000. These servers were less functional, required more validations, and had greater costs. With the growth of enterprises, additional servers and optimization techniques were required, which turned out to be expensive and ineffective. The use of cloud computing helped to solve many of these issues. 

Amazon’s cloud computing platform, known as AWS or Amazon Web Services, is extensive and constantly developing. It combines packaged software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions.

Organizations that use AWS have fast access to servers, more storage options, and improved security measures. On AWS, there are more than 160 cloud services that are pay-as-you-go accessible. Data management, Migration, Monitoring, Security, Development Tools, Hybrid Cloud, Storage Databases, Security, Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Management are just a few of the categories that these services fall under.

Future of AWS

AWS is used by the majority of Indian startups. It wasn’t even a decision that was made consciously. It is an obvious choice because it is affordable, adaptable, and requires very little running time. 

Due to its early lead in the race, Amazon enjoys a significant advantage. Amazon is an industry leader in platform services and can simply construct these via AWS for a variety of markets. AWS has been introducing a variety of functions, from streaming tools to data mining and intelligence, according to a trainer at  AWS training Pune. For any company considering going to the cloud, these characteristics, together with the infrastructure and fundamental services, make AWS more and more alluring.


Future Outlook

With a market share of about 37%, Amazon is currently the industry leader in cloud services (particularly labs). A report claims that by 2021, the market for IaaS solutions will have grown and will be worth $71.55 billion. The market for cloud computing is growing steadily in sectors like retail, healthcare, education, and others. The Cloud is being quickly adopted by the majority of industries.

AWS has grown to generate close to $12 billion in yearly revenue in just ten years. This massive size enables periodic price reductions, the introduction of new features, and global expansions, all of which assist retain current consumers and draw in new ones.

Although there is a lot of competition from firms like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and others, Amazon has made the most progress in developing feature-rich packages of cloud services. Amazon has taken the lead in this area with the advantage of being 10 years ahead of the competition. The future seems highly promising for both technological advancements and organizations’ capacity to take advantage of them, given the growing need for easily available, reliable cloud services. 


Hands-on Learning and Real-world Projects at AWS Classes

The Server-less Cloud is a game-changer for architects and developers, allowing them to build applications with minimal effort. AWS courses in Pune predict Amazon AWS will further strengthen its position in industries worldwide. Despite competition from Microsoft, Google, IBM, and others, Amazon leads in developing feature-rich cloud service packages, benefiting from a decade’s head start. The future holds promise for technological advancements, offering organizations reliable, easily accessible cloud services. With about 20 lectures and over 50 hours of training, new users gain a comprehensive understanding of the AWS platform, enabling them to build, migrate, secure, administer, and scale any company’s digital system.


Training at EthansTech

Pune starts by acquainting new users with AWS and all of its capabilities. It provides a thorough introduction to building and managing your cloud databases. AWS course in Pune with placement focus on particular processes for creating, configuring, and administering your Virtual Private Cloud as students go.

At AWS classes in Pune, our trainer, who is currently working on numerous intricate real-time projects, introduces various project-based use cases, and we can learn AWS services by actually putting those use cases into practice. The experience you gain is comparable to actual project experience overall. Our curriculum links with the AWS Cloud Solution Architect Certification Program.

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