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Scope of Cloud Computing: Demand, Salary & Importance [2021]

Nowadays, cloud computing is one of the most pursued domains by students as well as working professionals because this niche has a huge demand in the present market. Why? It is because several enterprises as well as SMBs are adopting the concepts of cloud computing in their organization. With this, the number of vacancies for a skilled and certified cloud computing professional is also on a constant uprise. Top HRs and recruiters are always looking for a certified cloud computing professional because they have the potential to become an asset for their respective organization as they have all the necessary skills in the realm of cloud computing that makes them stay ahead of the competition.

Cloud computing:

Is the need of the hour because it is highly secured and an organization can save lots of money. It is because then the organization need not spent more on storage facilities and servers. Storage and servers are very costly and since cloud computing uses the idea of on-demand availability of computer system resources – an organization can utilize the saved money on other resources that cannot be replaced with cloud computers or similar concepts.

With the aforementioned facts, we might have known by now that the scope of cloud computing is very bright because it is getting rapidly adopted in myriads of organizations. A few industries that have adopted cloud computing are healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, automotive, sea and space exploration, robotics, and more.

According to a report by the prestigious Economic Times, the cloud computing market in India is present as $2 billion and has the potential to expand with an annual growth rate of 30%. By the end of 2020, the Indian cloud computing market has reached a whopping $4 billion and for your information, it has also created more than a million jobs in this country which is more than similar domains.

In this blog,

We are going to cover various related aspects of cloud computing that include: what is cloud computing, the scope of cloud computing, the demand of cloud computing, the salary of cloud computing professionals, interesting facts related to cloud computing, reasons to pursue cloud computing and more. With all these, you will have a complete idea about cloud computing and you will find that studying and getting a certificate in this niche is highly beneficial.
So, let us start with:

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the process of receiving on-demand computing services that are not limited to but ranges from storage, processing power, and applications. In an organization, cloud computing is achieved over the internet and it follows the idea of pay-as-you-go because the entire service is on-demand; so you will have to pay for the services that you are willing to use in an organization. One of the best parts of cloud computing is that rather than owning the entire computing infrastructure or data servers, an organization can opt to rent access to anything that varies from applications to storage centres and from a cloud service provider to application servers.

Understanding Cloud Technology

In turn, cloud computing services providers can make huge benefits from significant economies of scale by distributing the same on-demand services to a broad range of customers. Moreover, the other benefits of cloud computing services include the ability to scale elastically in an enterprise as there is no particular approach that has to be followed or maintained. In terms of cloud computing, that means delivering the precise amount of IT resources to another SMB or enterprise. For example, providing more or less computing power along with bandwidth and storage at the right time when it is needed in the right geographic location.

The major cloud computing services always run on a wide range of networks that are secure data centres, which are frequently updated and upgraded to the latest generation of efficient and fast computing hardware capable processors. This offers a wide range of benefits over a single corporate-handled data centre that includes a significant reduction in network latency for the required applications and greater economies of scale.

Cloud computing eliminates on-site data centres that typically demand considerable “racking and stacking” which in general means complex hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management services. Since cloud computing removes these many processes – an IT team can focus more and better on other tasks that will help them achieve more important business goals in a hassle-free manner.

Scope of Cloud Computing in India

The time is high and correct if you are thinking of getting into the world of cloud computing; the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that numerous organizations including enterprises, SMBs, and start-up can run their entire operations on cloud computing which is great news because the pandemic has hit several businesses and most of the employees are working from home. This eliminates the need for using data centers and maintaining costly IT infrastructure in an organization; organizations can replace it all with cloud computing services and utilize the saved amount to fulfill other crucial processes and services.

The scope of cloud computing is also immense because it has the potential to make data backup in the easiest way possible. With the help of cloud computing – disaster recovery, as well as continuity of complex business, is made easier and also less expensive. How? It is because data can be easily mirrored at multiple sites on the cloud provider’s network which would not have been possible if an organization was using traditional computer services. All these make cloud computing highly useful and thus we can see more numbers of organizations are utilizing cloud computing services in their respective companies.

India’s Cloud Computing Growth:

These aforementioned trends and predictions prove that the scope, as well as the growth of cloud computing services, is increasing drastically. More and more organizations need to adopt this technology because with this they will be able to eliminate their competition and stay ahead of the curve. When it comes to an IT organization they need to restructure their process and invest more in coding standards that can support seamless migration into the cloud services.

Also, cloud computing works in tandem with the Internet of Things and that is a major USP of cloud computing over similar technologies. When storing data in the cloud, IoT can ensure better performance, increased security, and enhanced functionality. The only potential limitation is the speed of the network, which can be overcome with high-speed internet. So, in short, if the network is fast enough, every IT system and process will fall in right place and an organization can work in a frictionless manner which is a tad difficult to achieve if they are still using legacy networking systems.

So, yes the scope of cloud computing is great and if you want to start a career in this niche then you better start with a certification or a degree because this will boost your employability as well as credibility which are two of the most in-demand skills in the present market.

Current Demand of Cloud Computing in India

In the last and present decade, there is a quick rise in the demand for skilled and certified cloud computing professionals and the reason is quite simple – more industries are adopting the concepts of cloud computing and with that, the vacancies are also increasing in a particular enterprise, SMB, and start-up. A cloud computing professional can assist an organization in constructing a cloud-based IT infrastructure. With their skills and expertise, they can complete the entire process more quickly than a professional lacking experience or certification in cloud computing.

The demand for cloud computing professionals is also increasing because nowadays every organization has an online presence which boosts the scope of cloud computing. Cloud computing skills such as DevOps, Linux, and database skills have become the most sought-after competencies because with all these a professional can easily transform an organization into a cloud-based company.

Rising Indian SME demand for cost-effective scalability.

The interrelation between cloud computing, AI, and cybersecurity is significant. How? It is because there is a spike in demand for great and certified cyber security professionals as various enterprises have reported a large number of ransomware attacks in the past few months or years while they all are doing remote work.

This particular domain is most likely to see a constant demand and skilling yourself in this niche will lead to awesome good job opportunities for a variety of roles such as security engineers and analysts. You might know that the advent of digital operations has also led to the evolution of AI-based systems across multiple businesses in India. Businesses are increasingly adopting AI in various automated tasks that do not require human intervention and are becoming obsolete as AI can handle them all with ease. This is the major reason that is fostering the demand for AI specialists across industries and their demand along with cloud computing professionals is also increasing.

So, if you want to enter the world of cloud computing – start your journey now because the market requires great cloud computing professionals.

Salary of Cloud Computing Professionals in India

The salary of cloud computing professionals varies from industry to industry and from experience to experience. The scope of cloud computing professionals is positive as there’s a massive shortage of talent in this sector. The statement indicates that the niche has more than 1.7 million vacant cloud jobs due to a shortage of qualified professionals.

For your knowledge, only 1% of the applying candidates have all the necessary skills as well as qualifications to become a good cloud computing professional. So, in layman’s terms, you can pursue a certification in cloud computing and attain all the necessary skills and become a highly in-demand cloud professional and relish a prosperous career and live a happier life.

Types of Professionals in Cloud Computing

Basically, there are three types of cloud computing professionals and they are beginner, intermediate, and expert level. Explore their career paths and salary details to understand their current situation thoroughly.

Beginner Level Cloud Computing Professional: 

A beginner in cloud computing is either a fresher or has 1-3 years of experience.They might have recently completed their graduation or post-graduation and have just entered an organization. As per the industry standards, they are getting around 3-5 lacs per annum which is more than any other niche.

Intermediate Level Cloud Computing Professional: 

An intermediate-level employee is a person in the realm of cloud computing who has 3-5 years of experience. They are on the way towards a settled career path and are earning between 6-8 lacs per annum. With some more experience they can get on a managerial position and earn more than 10 lacs per annum.

Expert Level Cloud Computing Professional: 

An expert-level professional is a person in the world of cloud computing who has more than 8 years of experience. They’ve already established themselves in their roles, earning around 12-15 lacs per annum or more, depending on their organization. Top MNCs typically offer higher salaries due to their larger funds and profitability compared to startups or SMBs.


Important Stats and Facts about Cloud Computing

If the above factors haven’t sparked your enthusiasm, these intriguing cloud computing stats and facts surely will. These facts and stats are from verified resources, so you can rely on them. Discover compelling stats and facts to ignite your passion for a successful career in cloud computing. Let’s dive in without delay:

    • The global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35 percent to $120 billion in 2021
    • Next year, end-users will likely increase global public cloud spending by 18% to $304.9 billion, compared to $257.5 billion this year.
    • In 2023, experts predict that spending on public cloud will reach $500 billion.
    • 94% of businesses have seen improved online security since migrating to the cloud
    • Cloud-supported remote work has increased 300% when compared to pre-COVID levels
    • 81% of enterprises have at least one application or segment of their infrastructure in the cloud today
    • At the start of 2021, cloud-based infrastructure will comprise 67% of enterprise infrastructure.
    • By 2022, 40 zettabytes of data will be flowing through the cloud servers and networks
    • As of today, the average person uses 36 cloud-based services every day
    • Analysts expect cloud business process services (BPaaS) to reach $50.3 million by 2022 and $47.5 million in 2021.
    • More than 70% of tech CFOs believe that cloud computing will have the biggest impact on their business in 2021


5 Reasons Why You Must Go for a Certification in Cloud Computing

Study cloud computing to establish yourself, earn pride from friends and family, and lead a fulfilling life. To maximize the value of your certification in every industry, aim to enroll in a reputable college or institution. Become future-ready and make all your dreams come true when you will enter the world of cloud computing. Cloud computing certification boosts chances at top MNCs by mastering complex interviews.

Certification unlocks diverse career opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. Gain essential 21st-century skills for mastering interconnected devices, accessing data, and enhancing customer experiences. Master cloud data management, help organizations meet business goals smoothly, and improve practical and theoretical skills for impactful contributions.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you must for certification in cloud computing: .

1. Gain Better Job Security: A certification in cloud computing makes your future secured by rendering recession-proof job opportunities. Cloud Computing’s Enduring Presence Guarantees Market Stability: No need to fret over downturns, whether near or far.

2. Get Selected in Any Interview: When you will mention that you a certification in cloud computing then your chances of getting selected in an interview will increase drastically as this shows your employability. Recruiters will become more confident that you possess all the necessary skills in the realm of cloud computing.

3. More Commitment to Work:
A certificate in cloud computing shows that you are serious about your career. Show Your Commitment and Problem-Solving Skills to Employers: Demonstrate dedication and adept problem-solving abilities to potential employers. If you are already a working software engineer then you can easily shift your career to the cloud realm.

4. No Decline in Learning Curve: To have a certification in cloud computing you will have to complete online projects that keep you motivated by clearing all the doubts that you have in cloud computing. Solve your issues with instructor guidance. If your project has you stuck, ask the mentor for solutions. They will guide you on approaching and solving your problems quickly.

5. Get Promotion Quickly than your Colleagues: Accelerate Career Growth with Cloud Certification: Obtain higher job titles faster than peers, staying motivated and productive. For instance, become a Project Manager in 4-5 years, compared to 7-8 years without certification.


now you know the scope, demand, salary as well as importance of cloud computing. If you’ve made your decision to pursue this niche, don’t delay starting your career any longer. Go for certification in cloud computing and start working in the top organizations of the world.

Developing relevant skills will welcome you to any industry with open hearts and arms. Transform your career, become a top-notch professional proficient in real-time cloud problem-solving. Obtain a certification in cloud computing, and you’ll discover that you’ve already embarked on a path brimming with limitless opportunities.

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