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What is the difference between AWS & Salesforce

What is the difference between AWS & Salesforce?


Nowadays, business needs to be up to date as per the changing technologies, As cloud computing is taking over on-site data storage. It helps the organization process the information and system fast also the organizations who are using cloud-hosting services as it reduces the cost, and ensures that the server is available whenever it is needed.

Are you confused and thinking to get your career started in the IT sector, but cannot decide which one to choose among the two most popular applications i.e Salesforce and AWS?. To resolve this confusion, Ethans Tech is the best place as they will guide you through the course curriculum briefly and will help you out regarding which course is right for you as per your background and experience. 

So let us know what more these two courses have in common, 

What do you understand by AWS?

AWS is a cloud computing platform that focuses on cloud solutions for organizations. AWS gives on-demand computing services like application scaling, application lifestyle management, database management, etc. 

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What do you understand by Salesforce? 

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that provides readymade elements to organizations. Salesforce services help organizations to improve their customer experience and generate more leads. Salesforce also offers various products like- sales clouds, marketing clouds, community clouds, commerce clouds, etc. 

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What are the Pros of Salesforce? 

  • Customization: 

Salesforce app cloud provides customization to the organization to a great extent. As per the requirement, the user can add or customize the elements in the salesforce app therefore, they don’t need any layout for the specific requirement. 

  • Scaling of CRM: 

Another benefit of salesforce is that if the business of the organization goes up and the organization can scale the customer interaction through salesforce CRM. whether it is any department of marketing or commerce, you can upgrade easily. 

What are the Cons of Salesforce? 

  • More costly: 

It is more difficult for startups or small businesses to go for salesforce installation as it is expensive.

  • Configuration is complicated: 

It is difficult to understand the configuration as there are many things to deploy in salesforce sometimes which leads to demotivating the employees to work. 

  • Poor customer support: 

Customers always look for satisfaction in the terms of service the organization is providing. Salesforce is having poor customer support as the queries of the customer don’t get resolved easily. 

What are the Pros of AWS? 

  • Application Management: 

AWS is more popularly known for its application management. Organizations can make changes easily, and deploy over the application, these all things can be done over the cloud. 

  • Pay-as-you-go model: 

AWS is known for its greatest feature whatever service you are using, you only have to pay for that service only. This way organizations save their cost as there is no wastage of money and resources. 

What are the Cons of AWS? 

  • Limited region: 

Although AWS is versatile it is limited to certain regions, the volume and storage capabilities totally depend from region to region.

  • Issues in computing: 

As cloud computing totally works with the help of the internet, due to network errors the data migration on AWS cloud can be a major problem.


Both the software are cloud-based, as salesforce and AWS both manage their operations in the cloud. It provides real-time access to the data. But if you consider today’s scenario, organizations are working remotely so the great choice will be AWS as compared to salesforce. 

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