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Complete Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

If you are hiring Salesforce Professionals, then it can be a long process for hiring officers as well as candidates. It is because the role is critical, and you need the best people that have incredible potential for taking your business forward.

When you arrange an interview and you know that the candidate has passed from the best salesforce training institute in Pune, you have to be careful.

Finding the right fit is worth the time and energy you invest in interviewing the candidate. Salesforce skilled people are in demand.

Here, in this blog, we will tell you a few fundamental questions. The complexity of the questions is different.

What is Salesforce?

You can’t expect a one-liner in response to this question. The person should be able to elaborate on Salesforce, its definition, main purpose, and its importance as a Customer Relationship Management software.

What is a custom object and what do they permit?

In the context of Salesforce, they are tables that store data specific to your company. As far as the tasks permitted by custom objects are concerned, they are as follows:

  • Creation of customized fields
  • Relating custom objects to other records
  • Tracking of tasks and events
  • Building page layouts
  • Creation of a custom tab for the custom object
  • Analysis of custom object data
  • Dashboards and reports

Is there any possibility of data loss in Salesforce?

There are many situations when data loss may happen. It can happen when you change the date and time of data. Or when you migrate from other data types. It may also happen when changing data types. Data loss can also happen when you change from text area to email, text, or URL.

What are the key benefits of Salesforce CRM?

You should get information about the key benefits of Salesforce CRM.

Communication: Salesforce responds to chat automatically.

Data Sync: Data Sync from other applications avoids the challenges of migrating from one software to another. You can track data from a mobile app from any location.

Data Analytical Tool: Salesforce has a wide range of reporting and analytic tools and dashboards.

Tracking of customer activity: You can track customer background and behavior from Salesforce data.

What is a workflow in Salesforce?

Workflow is nothing but the automation of standard internal processes. It saves time and makes the task easy. It determines the occurrence of the automated action and helps in evaluating the strategies. Functions like marketing activities, managing emails, and tracking the journey of a customer can be managed using workflows.

What is a Permission Set?

A Permission Set is a collection of settings or permissions that give access to different tools and functions to a user. It is possible to extend the functional access of a user by giving a Permission Set without altering the profile of the user.

These are some important questions to be asked to candidates while interviewing. They cover the basic understanding and concepts of Salesforce. If a person, who has completed a course from the best salesforce training institute in Pune knows these things, then he can be asked questions in further depth.

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