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What is AWS: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

AWS, or Amazon Web Services is not new to laymen given its popularity as a leading cloud provider. AWS is not only used by individuals but also by several tech corporations owing to its convenience of use. In the following blog, various aspects and areas of the AWS will be covered along with its applications worldwide.

What is AWS?

AWS can be defined as Amazon’s provision of on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs. These are made available to people, businesses, big businesses, or governments. Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Adobe, the BBC, ESPN, and other well-known companies are just a few of the well-known AWS users. Amazon offers a variety of services that make cloud computing practical for customers. 

What is AWS Services?

Depending on the needs of the entity, different types of services are offered under AWS Services. The following is a list of these services: 

  • Compute Service

These are the tools that developers can use to create, launch, and even scale applications on cloud platforms. AWS EC2 and AWS Lambda are the two forms of computing available. AWS EC2 offers a web API that enables programmers to hire different virtual machines to automatically expand the compute power as needed. AWS Lambda, on the other hand, focuses more on running application-specific code. 

  • Storage

One of AWS’s main functions as a cloud computing provider is to provide storage. This involves offering web data storage for archiving data and the benefit of its capacity to recover from disasters while maintaining high durability. Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS are the two storage service alternatives offered. Online data backup uses Amazon S3, an open cloud-based storage solution. While Amazon EBS offers a storage volume with excellent availability for persistent data. 

  • Database 

AWS’s database domain service offers scalable, cost-effective, and highly secure database instances in the cloud. Users have two options from AWS once more: DynamoDB and RDS. A customizable NoSQL database service, Dynamo DB provides quick and dependable performance with no scalability problems. RDS, on the other hand, is used by developers to access relational databases during the setup, operation, and scaling processes.

  • Content Networking and Delivery 

It is a component of the AWS services that offers a very secure cloud platform. Additionally, it provides a fast transfer speed connection between one’s private VN and physical network. Users have a choice between Route 53 and VPC, two different types of routes. VPC gives the user authority over the entire cloud network environment, including the user’s IP address range, subnets, route table settings, and network gateways, and aids the developer in the deployment of AWS resources. While Route 53 was made available to developers so they could have a cheap way to direct end users to cloud apps. 

  • Developer Instruments 

These developer tools make it easier for users to automatically create, distribute, and run application source code. Additionally, it offers the choice to update the workload-related server and instance. Developer tools are available in two flavours: Code Star and Code Build. A service called Code Star is intended to centrally manage application development. Developers can swiftly create, build, and deploy applications on AWS thanks to Code Star. Code Build frees developers from having to manage physical servers and forces them to create test code that is continuously scaled. 

  • Administrative Tools 

The user will be able to reduce risks, optimise expenses, and automate all types of resources to run effectively on the AWS infrastructure with the help of management tools. Even in this case, AWS offers Cloud Watch and Cloud Formation as choices. For the proper operation of customer applications on the AWS platform, Cloud Watch serves as a monitoring tool for AWS resources. While Cloud Formation enables centralised monitoring of all AWS resources. 

  • Background of AWS 

In 2002, AWS services were introduced. The cloud goods, however, didn’t debut until 2006. Six years later, in 2012, AWS hosted its first-ever client event. AWS continues to introduce AWS Snowball and AWS Snowmobile in 2016 after reaching $4.6 billion in revenue in 2015, exceeding the intended $10 billion revenue. AWS eventually delivered roughly 100 cloud services in 2019. 

How Does AWS Work?

Before AWS or IAM, sharing confidential passwords over the phone and via email was a poor practise. This happened because there was just one password, which made this pass-on careless. There was just one admin password that was utilised across all departments and organisational levels.

However, a more secure method of communication is now possible thanks to AWS. AWS hosts Slack, a third-party programme that enables secure intra-organizational communication. Additionally, it enables safe document sharing through the programme, eliminating the possibility of having the material leaked and put in danger. 

Benefits of Learning AWS

AWS has several advantages because it was created to satisfy the needs of contemporary businesses. The following is a list of some of the main advantages of AWS: 

  • AWS reduces burden by caching content in edge locations, which increases application availability.
  • It is simple to use and helps to increase productivity.
  • AWS also offers a ‘Content Privacy’ function that offers excellent protection for one’s data.
  • It enables GEO targeting services, assisting in the delivery of content to specific end consumers.
  • AWS employs HTTP or HTTPS protocols to deliver material more quickly. ● As just the cost of data transfer is charged, it is both inexpensive and cost-effective.

Skills Necessary for an AWS Career

A career in AWS can be both very rewarding and intriguing. It is one of the best employment options for those who enjoy computers. The aspirants will, however, be able to enter the field if they possess a specific set of talents. The following is a list of several AWS skills: 

  • Having knowledge of or training in writing code in at least one high-level programming language
  • Computer literacy is required to build robust, highly automated infrastructure. ● Experience that is legitimate in operating system administration across a range of platforms.
  • Thorough understanding of the procedures and approaches used in contemporary operations and development projects.

Is AWS Beneficial to Career?

It is crucial to understand why working with AWS is a suitable career choice before learning how to use it. The AWS-using developers want to improve communication between the IT operations and development teams. To assure a programme or application’s best functionality for the businesses, this is done. Additionally, the developers get to participate in the global deployment of DevOps on AWS. According to the most recent numbers available, DevOps usage increased from 66% in 2016 to 74% in 2017.

Organizations need AWS to increase productivity, and they will soon understand how important AWS is. AWS currently has an outstanding market share, which may interest some newcomers to the industry. It also holds stock in a number of other public cloud providers. As a result, AWS becomes a market leader and a source of numerous employment possibilities. 

Can I find employment with AWS?

The required certification must first be obtained in order to work for AWS. AWS offers a variety of certifications through which one can pursue the desired job with AWS. However, in order to pursue this certification, candidates must have completed appropriate development-related coursework and must have two or more years of practical experience. Additionally, there are several AWS course options that aid potential employees in pursuing their chosen professions. 

How Can I Begin My AWS Career?

The aspirant must possess the necessary skill set to begin a career in AWS and meet the requirements of the positions available. Additionally, it is necessary to have AWS certification in addition to a valid professional background. Discover more about launching a career in AWS from the sections below. 

What does AWS Certification entail?

AWS certification is available in a variety of forms, depending on the candidate’s interests. An Amazon short-term certificate course is all that an AWS certification is. These are predetermined based on particular job profiles and their unique requirements. 

What is AWS Training?

The AWS courses in Pune are the same kind that Amazon offers to potential employees who want to work for the AWS, just like the AWS Certifications. With the exception that they last longer than certification courses and offer a comprehensive education in the relevant profession. 

What are AWS Certifications?

The following is a list of some of the AWS certifications that are most frequently attained: 

  • Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Architecting on AWS)
  • Technical Foundations for AWS
  • Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Advanced Architecting on AWS) ● Specialty AWS Certified Security (Security Engineering on AWS)
  • Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (DevOps Engineering on AWS) Which AWS Certification Suits Me Best?

When it comes to certification classes, Amazon offers a variety of possibilities. There are a few things to keep in mind in order to determine which course is ideal for you. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that candidates must have experience in the relevant industry in order to meet the qualifying requirements. It would be the perfect course for you if you have the necessary experience and interest in the subject matter. Second of all, it should be emphasised that fulfilling the requirements for eligibility is crucial. 

How Can AWS Certifications Advance My Career?

After pursuing your AWS certification in Pune, you will be offered with a number of job prospects within Amazon. The creation of job possibilities is secondary to Amazon with the kind of market sway it has. As a result, if you look in the correct locations, you might even get employment after finishing the course. One can opt for AWS certification course in Pune, to excel their career. AWS training in Pune to guarantee a fruitful education. 


Amazon’s entry into the cloud computing services has allowed it to gain a significant amount of market share. In general, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a fulfilling employment field. Even without considering the ongoing employment prospects that AWS keeps creating, it offers qualifications that are extremely valuable to Amazon.

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