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Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing?

Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing has become one of the most demanding fields which is booming in the IT sector nowadays. As cloud computing allows organizations to decrease or minimize various costs like infrastructure cost for IT solutions. It provides improved security, economical scalability and manageability.

Now most of the companies are deploying themselves into cloud computing or else they are getting into cloud computing. Cloud developers who are working in the cloud are more in demand. But there are various pros & cons of opting for cloud computing. 

So let’s get started and get to know the merits and demerits of cloud computing.

What do you mean by cloud computing? 

Cloud computing is basically storing and having access to the data of programs and files over the internet instead of your computer device or hardware. Cloud computing stores huge amounts of data and manages it with numerous servers. 

There are various types of services involved in cloud computing which are lAAS, PAAS, SAAS which helps a developer to build up their complete cloud deployment for the organization. 

What are the Merits of opting Cloud computing? 

There are various merits of opting cloud computing, lets see what are they- 

  • It is Economical:

Shifting into cloud computing is kind of economical, as you don’t need to buy hardware or software with that it also saves your working space like office rent, electricity, operational expenses etc. you have to pay for the service you use. Working in the cloud eliminates all aspects of the organization.

  • Higher security:

Cloud computing is known for higher security as the organization chooses for their data. As the organization can use their own password, audition, encryptions for their data accordingly. 

  • Back-up and restoring of data: 

Cloud has made it more easier for the organizations to store their data and take bake-up and restore it again as it was very difficult and time-consuming earlier into on-premises technology. 

  • No Hardware required for cloud computing: 

As the organization is deploying their data into the cloud, they don’t need any physical storage centers. Everything is easy to back-up the data from the cloud as compared to any other physical storage.

What are the demerits of opting cloud computing? 

  • Dependency of network connectivity:

One of the major demerits of opting cloud computing is that there is a network connectivity as it is entirely dependent upon the internet. The organization needs to have reliable and constant connectivity of internet services. 

  • Control is limited: 

There is limited control over the cloud computing as the infrastructure of the cloud is managed and owned by the service providers because of that the organization doesn’t have enough control over the services which are provided. 

  • Lock-in of the vendor: 

Cloud computing is a vast area with many vendor platforms and services, as the organizations will migrate from one cloud platform to another platform they will face some serious issues and challenges as there is a difference between vendor platforms. 

  • Slower back-up and storage:

As the organizations are moving their data into the cloud, it takes a longer period of time to backup the data as compared to the in-house system. If the organization needs to store the whole server, then it usually takes a longer period of time. 


As you go for opting any of the courses, there will be numerous merits and demerits but taking the right decision would let you go far ahead. So what are you waiting for? Give a kick start to your career and get into your dream career with Ethans Tech. 

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