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What are the Reasons to opt for DevOps as a Career in 2022?


DevOps is one of the most demanded certifications or courses you can go in 2022, as DevOps is involved in many areas and it can easily find the bug and resolve it in any kind of project. DevOps is always been a promising career for developers as it leads to resolving multiple problems in the IT world. The importance and scope of DevOps engineers are more as there are less efficient developers who proforms the task with all efforts. 

DevOps Training in Pune at Ethan’s provides you with complete hands-on exposure to the course with the real-time project which will help you to build your career in such a way that you can excel and give a kick start to your career. 

What do you understand by DevOps?

DevOps is one of the most used tools by organizations nowadays. It is a complex field for many verticals. DevOps is basically a combination of continuous integration & continuous deployment, it practices integration and development which includes major tools like Jenkins, Dockers, Kubernetes, Github, Ansible, Terraform, and so on. DevOps tools help to build up pipeline management. It also resolves the bug from the organization. DevOps is applied to Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and many other giant companies. 

What are the Major Reasons why you should opt for DevOps as a career? 

  • Increase in demands of DevOps Engineer: 

DevOps have become one of the revolutionizing software development for companies. It also helps the company to reduce the problems that arise between development and operations teams. DevOps Engineer resolves the problems and provides more productivity 

  • Growth and Steady Career Path: 

DevOps Automation tool provides good career growth opportunities to DevOps engineers. There are many big companies like Facebook, Netflix, Barclay, Accenture, and many more always seek a good DevOps engineer. 

  • Know your Responsibilities As an Expert: 

Wellbeing an expert, you should know your roles and responsibilities regarding DevOps automation tools and you have to work accordingly so that you can resolve the problems of the organization and increase the efficiency of the work. 

  • Understanding and knowledge of Technical Skills: 

It is always mandatory to have a hands-on experience of the course, a perfect understanding, and knowledge of the DevOps tools and should be able to work into projects and tools-based tasks. 


If you want to start your career as DevOps Engineer then you should have complete knowledge of the course and hands-on experience with the real-time project then you should join DevOps Classes in Pune at Ethans which provides you the training from scratch to advance level.

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